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No More Bad Days Ever! Daily Habits to Work Positivity In Your Life with C. Ray Collins

Have you ever felt undeserving of your dreams? If failures and your past still stop you from moving forward, this episode will help you get ready for the world! It’s raining positivity this week with our guest, C. Ray Collins, Amazon Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach, and Podcast Host. Today, Daniel and C. Ray Collins shares a different perspective about failures and simple ways to take control over your emotions. Ray also talks about the need to prepare yourself to welcome the good things to come, just as you do with all other things. Positivity was never about what your day looks like, but what you look like on that day. Tune in for daily habits and mindsets to make your day amazingly awesome!

“We spend so much time preparing for so many other things, but we don't prepare ourselves. Prepare yourself to be in a good mood, prepare yourself to be positive, prepare yourself to dream.” -C. Ray Collins

Episode Highlights

02:35 Start with You

05:09 How to Overcome Fear of Failure

12:27 Reach Out

16:57 Take Control Over Your Emotion

20:43 You Never Need to Stop!

25:59 How to Prepare Yourself

30:18 Invest in Yourself

33:14 No More Bad Days! 

About C. Ray Collins

C. Ray Collins is an Award-Winning Author / Amazon Bestseller, Spetaker, coach, and podcast host. He has written 3 books: One on Leadership “Leadership, Followers, Behaviors and Tools”, one on Positive Communication for everyone, “Thought Talk” and at the age of 62, he published his Syfy book, “What if it Were Possible”. He is delivering a message on Leadership and Positive Communication. His Podcast “Though Talk”, is where he visits companies and individuals about their positive involvement with their community, family, and friends. Originally from SE Oklahoma, C. Ray Collins was raised outside a small community on a farm/ranch. God and family were very strong, which led to strong morals and strong work ethics that have helped him throughout his life. In every way, he’s just a country boy by heart that left home and had a successful career in Leadership roles in Corporate America for 48 years. He had always written short stories and songs throughout his life for his enjoyment.

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03:06 “Start with you with that positive attitude and take it out in the world and it will all feed you back.” -C. Ray Collins

05:20 “There is no such thing as failure, it’s all a learning experience. And that learning experience develops into a positive experience.” -C. Ray Collins

10:34 “You need to take a step back and humble yourself and listen to what’s going on around you. Because sometimes, when that pride comes up, all we hear is what we’re saying.” -Daniel Gomez

13:51 “The people you surround yourself with makes a big difference when you reach the bottom.” -C. Ray Collins

15:55 Just because you had to close the doors and you had to do things you didn’t want to do, doesn’t mean that your life is over.” -Daniel Gomez

17:05 “You’re responsible for your own emotions. You can’t let somebody else control your emotions.” -C. Ray Collins

20:56 “No matter what you do in your life’s journey, you never need to stop. You always have to move forward, improve yourself, and share with others. If you do that, all kinds of opportunities come to you.” -C. Ray Collins

21:45 “You’re never too old to dream!” -Daniel Gomez

24:03 “Get dressed and satisfy your look for yourself.-C. Ray Collins

25:19 “If you’re not prepared to go somewhere, you’re never going to go anywhere in life.” -Daniel Gomez

25:33 “We spend so much time preparing for so many other things, but we don’t prepare ourselves. Prepare yourself to be in a good mood, prepare yourself to be positive, prepare yourself to dream.” -C. Ray Collins

27:00 “All kinds of things lead to dreaming, you just have to move forward.” -C. Ray Collins

27:44 “Big things start small. Never despise small beginnings.” -Daniel Gomez

 28:06 “Even the things that are far-fetched that you never thought would happen, if you put some focus and attention to it, it might become a reality for you.” -Daniel Gomez

29:45 “Never count yourself out. Once that seed is planted in your mind, and you put your heart and emotion into it, part of that seed is going to grow.” -Daniel Gomez

30:27 “Your whole life is about you. And if you’re not invested in you, then you’re missing out on a part of your life.”  -C. Ray Collins

33:26 “You never have a bad day. It’s just some days are better than others.” -C. Ray Collins