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June 21, 2021
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July 2, 2021

Create a Strong Vision Beyond your Wildest Dreams and Make it Real with Erin Ley


How do you turn your dream into a reality? The key is to think it and then ink it. A clear written goal gives you traction. That’s a third of your dream coming true, the other parts depend on your decisions and attitude. Today, Daniel and Erin Ley, the Miracle Maker help you gain the courage and confidence to make the best decisions, believe in yourself, and take bold actions. Tune in for tips on how you can become solution-oriented, serve others, and find something to celebrate every day. Play life, dream big, live big!

“If you don't have a vision for your life, then life's driving you. When you write down a really strong crystal clear vision for your life, bring it alive. The world acclimates to your vision and the goals that you set start to be achieved at record speed.” - Erin Ley

Episode Highlights
  • 05:19 Create A Vision For Your Life
  • 08:39 Become Solution-Oriented
  • 13:39 Traits of a Successful Visionary
  • 18:41 Choose The Best Decision You Can Make
  • 21:57 Believe In Yourself
  • 24:03 Create And Serve Others 
  • 32:56 Be You! Live Big, Dream Big!
  • 35:32 Celebrate Life Everyday



About Erin Ley

Erin Ley, CEO & Founder of ONWARD PRODUCTIONS, INC, has helped thousands of women and men be more successful in their personal lives, business, and career. Specializing in vision & decision commitment and communication & accountability strategies, as a popular Life Coach, Executive Coach, Author, Media host, Motivational Speaker, and Certified Mediator, Erin is known for her uncanny ability to improve lives in lasting ways.


07:41 “Start meditating. Create a vision for your life that’s beyond your wildest dreams.” – Erin Ley

09:50 “Become solution-oriented. You need to keep moving forward.” – Erin Ley

10:51 “Sometimes you have to be crazy enough when nobody else is believing in you.” – Daniel Gomez

12:14 “If you don’t have a vision for your life, then life’s driving you. When you write down a strong crystal clear vision for your life, bring it alive. The world acclimates to your vision and the goals that you set start to be achieved at record speed.” – Erin Ley

13:28 “If you start being intentional about your day, it feels good and you’ll love life.” – Erin Ley

14:51 “You can’t simply be interested in doing anything, You need to be committed.” – Erin Ley

17:20 “Shifting from the fear, lack, and scarcity to abundance, love, enthusiasm, and optimism is a choice. Shift intentionally through meditation and visualization.” – Erin Ley

18:11 “What you’re focused on, you draw for yourself.” – Daniel Gomez

19:31 “Indecision leads to self-doubt,  leads to fear.” – Erin Ley from   Napoleon hills

20:22 “Make decisions because you can always change them. Find the best decision to be made.” – Erin Ley

21:58 “The most successful people in the world only focus on and speak about what they want. Stay focused.” – Erin Ley

22:45 “Believe in yourself. Take a chance on yourself. Take action.” – Erin Ley

24:51 “The entrepreneurial spirit is to create and to help serve others… When you release the negativity and focus on how you can spend a day serving other people, it naturally comes back to you tenfold.”– Erin Ley

30:30 “Instead of being engaged in negativity,  anger and the craziness, shift to forgiveness and prayer which are forms of love.” – Erin Ley

34:10 “Just be you, fully you. Play life, get one big, live big, dream big… It’s great if people like you, it’s fine if they don’t, as long as you know you’re coming from a heart-centered place.” – Erin Ley

35:16 “Celebrate life, and you’ll have a life worth celebrating.” – Erin Ley

37:23 “Be your own best friend not your enemy. It’s what you speak to yourself.” – Erin Ley