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September 8, 2020
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September 22, 2020

Speaking From The Heart with Joseph Warren 

Responsibility is what makes man brave. Only the faint-hearted blame. Today, Daniel and Joseph Warren join together to uncover the secret to having good personal relationships and removing the weight of your problems off your shoulders. They talk about the reason we keep being miserable and disconnected, how to engage in a real forgiveness conversation, how to speak from the heart and get real, how to train others to treat you well, and the one principle that will help you deal with your problems. Your life can be happier. You just have to stop trying to fix it the way you’ve always done. Tune in and discover things you might have been missing all along!

“There're so many people who can be set free with this one simple principle: The problems in your life- you created them through commission (you committed the crime) or through omission (you allowed it)... Own them.” -Joseph Warren

Episode Highlights

04:41 The One Reason You Feel Empty, Broken, and Exhausted

10:05 The Point of Disconnection

16:05 The Quickest Way to Get to Your Heart

22:36 Quit Going Home Miserable

27:08 The Real Forgiveness Conversation

32:20 Get Real!

36:37 How to Improve Your Personal Relationships 

43:53 One Simple Principle to Help You Deal With All Your Problems

49:44 Be Okay With Walking Away

53:51 Own Your Responsibility

About Joseph Warren

Joseph Warren is known as The Broken Catholic. His podcast Broken Catholic is the #1 Podcast on iTunes for Protestants AND Catholics! He interviews the country’s Top Christian influencers and brings clarity to practical topics that millions of Christians struggle with. His business show, Your FIRST $100K is a Top 200 Podcast for Kingdom Entrepreneurs!

Joseph Warren started his first multi-million dollar business at age 19 and wasted away his 20’s trying to find happiness through money, success and pleasure. He made millions — but then lost it all and considered taking his own life.

​Today, having triumphed through multiple failed businesses and broken relationships, Joseph Warren is best known as the #1 Spiritual Life Coach & RELATIONSHIP COACH for Protestants AND Catholics! Joseph helps Little Control Freaks™ (like himself) to finally rely on God, not SELF so they deepen relationships with their family (and God), achieve their higher purpose, and die a happy death. Joseph’s own amazing story of spiritual surrender powerfully proves that the biggest cause of unhappiness in our lives is SELF-Reliance.


“We put the weight of our own destinies on our shoulders. And it doesn’t belong to us. We steal our own destiny from God and that’s why our lives look the way they do. We cause a lot of unnecessary suffering.” -Joseph Warren

“When you open your heart, it opens your mind to new possibilities.” -Daniel Gomez

“The furthest distance in the universe is from the head to the heart only if you don’t know what you can actually get when you live in your heart. Once you get that your brain is not getting you what you actually want, It’s a very quick trip to your heart.” -Joseph Warren

“If you don’t have the capacity to handle that relationship, that blessing, it’s going to bring you down.” -Daniel Gomez 

“Don’t do the thing you’ve been doing your whole life. Push it back down.” -Joseph Warren

“A real forgiveness conversation is where you hand over your power to the person you hurt. And give them a choice to forgive you or not.” -Joseph Warren

“Without the heart being involved in business, in relationship, in life and you’re just going at it with your mind, you’re never going to achieve the success level that you can; You’re never gonna have that happiness.” -Daniel Gomez

“You have trained every person in your life who mistreats you. You now also have that same power to train them how to treat you well.” -Joseph Warren

“Whatever you put out, you’re going to get in.” –Daniel Gomez

“What’s important to you, you make time for.” -Daniel Gomez

“What’s not important to you, you make excuses for.” -Joseph Warren

“There’re so many people who can be set free with this one simple principle: The problems in your life- you created them through commission (you committed the crime) or through omission (you allowed it)… Own it.” -Joseph Warren

“I’ve applied this simple principle to my life: to own up, to take my part in things, to stop blaming others for what’s not working in my life, and to go clean up this mess.” -Joseph Warren 

“Honor your choice. Act upon it.” -Joseph Warren 

 “So many of us are so focused on other people’s behaviour, that’s why we make them wrong so that we can be right. Meanwhile, we’re screwing up in all areas with our own behaviour.” -Joseph Warren