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What’s More Chase-Worthy Than Success? with Ken Joslin


Ken Joslin did not know who the guy was but a once in a lifetime opportunity was standing before him. What will he do? Ken was hesitant but determined to change his life. In just six weeks, Ken earned more than $100,000 from a $6000 investment. Later, he learned that the guy was none other than Grant Cardone, a centimillionaire and bestselling author of The 10X Rule. Today, Ken stands as the CEO of his own company, earning millions, and coaching others to “build confidence, gain clarity, and create community”. 

Ken believes in the power of relationships. Had he not met amazing individuals along his journey, he would not be where he is now. In this episode, Daniel and Ken discuss the six obstacles that keep us from achieving our full potential and how the power of relationship, the power of proximity, and the power of mentorship can help us overcome each of these. 

Limiting beliefs robs us of our ability to dream. Our very future is at stake! But sometimes, having success as our ultimate goal causes more harm than good. If not success, what then should we focus on? Significance. Tune in and discover the secret to achieving a significant life and not get stuck just chasing success.

“If you start out to be significant, you will always be successful.” -Ken Joslin

About Ken Joslin:

CEO of the Ken Joslin Team & the GROW STACK DRIVE brand. Ken is a 10X Master Coach, Grant Cardone Licensee, and real estate professional. Ken Joslin is a driven leader who has closed over $250M in real estate transactions. He has planted multiple churches, and mentored hundreds. He is passionate about helping business leaders build confidence, gain clarity, and create community. More than that, Ken is a generous husband, father, and friend.


08:23 “The only ceiling we have in business is the next relationship.” –Ken Joslin 

10:09 “Life is all about seasons…. In the seasons that we’re not reaping are the seasons where we work hard, but we’re growing ourselves.” –Ken Joslin 

17:13 “Get in rooms with people who think bigger than you do. That’s the power of relationship.” –Ken Joslin

17:36 “There’s something more in your life and there’s something more in you. But you make every excuse…. Now is the time you have to invest in something!” -Daniel Gomez  

18:48 “People say all the time, ‘I can’t afford’. You can’t afford not to!” –Ken Joslin

18:58 “If you’re going to invest in something, you better first off, invest in yourself.” –Ken Joslin  

21:29 “Limiting belief is something that prohibits you from seeing the potential of your future. It robs your ability to dream. ” –Ken Joslin  

22:33 “We have the power to be able to speak life and death over our situation.”  –Ken Joslin  

23:10 “What I think is what I say, what I say is what I do, what I do creates either the legacy that I desire or the lack of legacy that I am going to be stuck with.” –Ken Joslin

24:41 “You need to open your heart to open your mind. If you don’t open your heart,  your mind is never going to transform and be renewed.” -Daniel Gomez 

25:32 “If you have a bad hour, don’t let it turn into a bad day…. If you have a bad day, don’t let it turn into a bad week. Cut that off!” –Ken Joslin 

25:50 “When you are in a healthy community, accountability should feel like encouragement.” –Ken Joslin 

27:54 “Hurting people hurt people.” –Ken Joslin 

28:50 “Think first downs not touchdowns.” –Ken Joslin 

31:33 “Don’t worry about the big win, get to the small wins. You need to fully fill up the level you’re at, and then take it to the next level.”  -Daniel Gomez 

33:14 “Significant leaders build others around them so the team can win. People who chase success, use others around them so they can win.” Ken Joslin

35:04 “If you start out to be significant, you will always be successful. If you start out to be successful, you may or may not find significance and you’re more likely going to leave a trail of damage behind you along the way.” –Ken Joslin 

36:00 “We want the spotlight to be on us. But when we learn to put the spotlight on the people we’re serving, that’s what significance comes in.” -Daniel Gomez

38:34 “When you act like you belong in the room, you’ll get in the room.” –Ken Joslin  

40:58 “When we’re not increasing, we’re disintegrating.” -Daniel Gomez

43:27 “Success cannot escape you if you do the right things every single day.” –Ken Joslin

44:36 “When you have momentum, it’s easier to get more momentum. When you have momentum the impossible seems possible.” –Ken Joslin 

46:03 “It’s not based on your talent, it’s not based on your abilities. It’s based on your consistency. If you are, there is no ceiling on what you can achieve.” –Ken Joslin

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