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Are You Feeling Lost? How to Find Your Direction with Stu Massengill

The life you deserve is a decision you have to make. 

But the reality is that decision-making can be almost impossible when everything is a blur. It’s hard to know what direction to take when we feel like we have no idea where we’re going.  

We all have moments when we feel like we’re spinning our wheels and not getting anywhere. Maybe we’re trying to do too much at once and can’t figure out how to prioritize. Maybe we’re overwhelmed by the complexity of life and don’t know where to start. Maybe we’ve been told that we should be doing something else, but we just don’t want to give up on what brought us here in the first place— the idea that maybe there’s more than one way for us to live our lives.

But maybe it’s not the thing itself that needs work; maybe it’s our approach to it that needs some fresh thinking. It might seem impossible right now, but we can get through this!

This week, Daniel sits with the host of the Finding Direction Podcast, Stu Massengill. Tune in as Daniel and Stu help us identify the reasons we get lost sometimes, how we can reshape our identity and reframe our focus, how we can create leverage for ourselves, and how auditing, acting, and adapting can point us in the right direction. 

“You are so deserving of a life that you love. You're so deserving of a life that excites you. When you make the decision that you deserve that and you start to own that, things will just flow into your life differently.” -Stu Massengill

Episode Highlights
  • 02:21 Why People Get Lost
  • 07:56 How to Reshape Your Identity
  • 11:53 Create a Leverage for Yourself
  • 17:06 Pick Your Discomfort
  • 23:13 How to Adapt
  • 27:11 Create a Forward Momentum
  • 31:47 Shift Your Focus
  • 36:12 When Old Identity Creeps In
  • 39:23 Make Someone Smile   


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Finding Direction Podcast

Connect with Stu:

Stu Massengill is an International Speaker for the #1 personal development coach in the world, Tony Robbins. He has been speaking to audiences for 10+ years, and is the host of the Finding Direction podcast. He uses his infectious energy to help others design and take action on creating a life they truly desire. Growing up as a shy kid, when Stu discovered the personal development industry everything changed in his life. From growing an organization in the network marketing industry of 4,000 people to speaking on stages in front of 10,000 people to beating cancer, Stu has realized the power of growing, and now his mission is to help others create a life full of passion, fulfillment, and happiness.


02:24 “A lot of people don’t find their direction [because] there’s a sense of over assessing what you want to do with your life when the reality is you have to go try things and you have to be willing to fail, You have to be willing to make the wrong turn to have the right turn unfold.” -Stu Massengill

04:52 ”The things you’ve done in the past have prepared you for this next step of your life. And oftentimes, it’ll bring different things than other people have in that industry so you actually can stand out in a better way.” -Stu Massengill

08:30 “Successful people do what’s uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable. And that’s why they’re successful” -Stu Massengill

11:03 “Sometimes, it’s our family that we got to distance ourselves from. It’s not that they don’t want us to do good, but in trying to protect us, they’re doing more harm than good.” -Daniel Gomez

12:32 “The secret to making that change in identity that you want to create in your life is to find more leverage in your life. You need to create the leverage in your life.” -Stu Massengill

17:06 “The harsh reality is that neither option is easy… It’s going to be uncomfortable either way. And so you have to pick your discomfort.” -Stu Massengill 

24:27 “The secret to adapting is doing it more often… Look at this daily and if you do that, now, you took what one person did in a year and you did it 365 times and you’re going to be much more on track to get to where you want to be.” -Stu Massengill

26:24 “In trying to be right, sometimes you cost yourself opportunities.” -Daniel Gomez 

30:24 “What you focus on dictates what your life looks like.” -Stu Massengill

35:40 “You are so deserving of a life that you love. You’re so deserving of a life that excites you. When you make the decision that you deserve that and you start to own that, things will just flow into your life differently.” -Stu Massengill

40:08 “If you want to be happier, help someone else be happier. If you want someone else to feel more confident, help them feel more confident.  Go help someone else smile, and you’re going to start to smile more.” -Stu Massengill