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How to Dream a Crazy Big Dream and Make It Real with Sunil Tulsiani

If you don’t have at least one crazy big dream, you’re not living. Without dreams, we would be nothing more than robots going through the motions of life. Dreams give us hope and purpose. They remind us that there is more to life than just the here and now. 

And yet, so many of us settle for small dreams. We convince ourselves that we’re being realistic, but in reality, we’re just scared— scared of what people will think, scared of failing, scared of not being good enough. But why settle for a life that’s just okay when you can have a beautiful one? 

This week, Daniel sits with Sunil Tulsiani, the founder of the Private Investment Club, the largest elite real estate club in North America. Listen in as Daniel and Sunil discuss how we can overcome the fear of moving out from the unhappy zone we’re in, the formula to make your dream crazy big, 3 steps to turn it into a reality (no matter how crazy big that is), how we can be prepared for the challenges and scrutinies ahead, and the best university in the planet. 

"If regular people are telling you that you're crazy, you're going the right way." -Sunil Tulsiani

Episode Highlights
  • 01:42 Police Officer Becomes the “Wealthy Cop” 
  • 06:13 How to Move Out of the Unhappy Zone
  • 14:42 Entrepreneurship— The Sure Way to Grow
  • 19:53 The Price of Success
  • 25:33 All Is Well
  • 31:07 Practice Receiving
  • 38:22 Create A Lose-Win, Not A Win-Win


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Connect with Sunil:

SUNIL TULSIANI is a former police officer, a successful real estate investor, a well-known international public speaker, mentor, and a seven times #1 best-selling author.

He’s the founder of the Private Investment Club, the largest elite real estate club in North America. Members include Jack Canfield, Robert G. Allen, Brian Tracy, and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank.

Sunil has shared stages with legends such as Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, Robin Sharma, etc., and has now trained over half a million people all over the world.

He has been featured in publications such as Forbes, CNBC, Fox Business News, USA TODAY, Toronto Star, CP24 Television, and The Times of India. He is commonly known as “The Wealthy Cop.”

Sunil’s goal is to help make 100 millionaires / multi-millionaires through his elite club and mentoring.


02:27 “It’s not what you say, it’s what you do that defines who you are.” -Sunil Tulsiani

06:47 “The ‘How to’ was not my problem. It was not my domain. It was already there. I’m going to attract the ‘How to’ once the purpose is set.” -Sunil Tulsiani

07:30 “If regular people are telling you that you’re crazy, you’re going the right way.” -Sunil Tulsiani

08:38 “Invest in yourself. You are the most important asset on the planet. And the way you prove it is by investing into something you believe in.” -Sunil Tulsiani

09:57 “When we don’t invest into ourselves, and we think we are the expense, then we actually consider ourselves a liability.” -Sunil Tulsiani

11:09 “All huge opportunities come to you when you are not ready.” -Sunil Tulsiani

15:53 “Entrepreneurship has to be the top focus if you want to grow.” -Sunil Tulsiani

17:21 “You can’t go wrong with the sales mindset. You can’t go wrong with the business mindset.” -Daniel Gomez

21:58 “This is the level of scrutiny you’re going to get or can get from the closest people that you love and trust: your friends may leave you and they may think you’re crazy. So if you are crazy enough to have crazy dreams, you have to be ready for this.” Sunil Tulsiani

28:38 “I made a mistake. And that was the best university on the planet.” -Sunil Tulsiani

30:46 “You can’t have a million-dollar business or a million-dollar home and be a $5,000 man. That doesn’t work.” -Daniel Gomez

38:22 “Create a lose-win situation if you really want to grow— not a win-win.” -Sunil Tulsiani