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Why Not You? The Secret to Achieving Extraordinary Success Later in Life with Terry Yoffe

For many, reaching a certain age can bring a sense of complacency – a desire to settle into familiar routines rather than push outside one’s comfort zone. But for a select few, every new decade presents fresh opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve. This was the mindset that propelled an unlikely success story, showing that truly living isn’t defined by age but by our willingness to evolve. 

Terry Yoffe is an internationally renowned executive coach. Despite a difficult childhood, she found success in the male-dominated field of sales and went on to build a thriving coaching practice. At age 76, she launched the top-ranked podcast Extraordinary Work Conversations to inspire others to create positive change. Terry remains a tireless advocate for personal growth, proving that our limits exist only in our minds.

In this week’s episode, Daniel and Terry join together to talk about why it’s never too late to achieve extraordinary success later in life and turn struggles into opportunities for growth. They also discuss how embracing risks unlocks our potential, unconventional ways and essential qualities to cultivate to top the sales game, the importance of owning your story and letting go of past mistakes, how mindset shift can greatly change our life’s trajectory, and more. 

“Say yes! Don't let the fears get in the way.” —Terry Yoffe

Episode Highlights
  • 02:23 Finding Inner Strength 
  • 06:37 Overcoming Fear of Success
  • 16:13 Embracing Risks and Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • 21:06 Sales Techniques and Essential Qualities
  • 27:17 Overcoming Limiting Beliefs




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Connect with Terry:

Terry Yoffe, an Executive, Business, and Career Coach with over 20 years of experience, specializes in global business relations, helping international clients maximize their talents and achieve their full potential. She uses a two-step process: clarifying client goals and developing a focused strategic plan. Her extensive background in diverse business settings gives her keen insight into her clients’ unique situations, helping them overcome obstacles and achieve their personal and professional goals. Terry’s uncompromising, disciplined approach and caring concern for her client’s success enables them to gain greater self-awareness, personal fulfillment, and professional success.


08:27 “So many times in life, we forget about the experiences we have. We see people where they are right now but we don’t know where they’ve come from.” —Daniel Gomez

08:44 “You have to own your story. Your story has the power to heal somebody that needs to hear your story.” —Daniel Gomez

13:33 “Say yes! Don’t let the fears get in the way.” —Terry Yoffe 

15:24 “It’s your responsibility to come with an open heart and an open mind to want to change. If you don’t show up, how can you get the results you’re seeking?” —Daniel Gomez

16:59 “The universe has a game plan. But you can’t get to that game plan until you do the work to be able to thrive in that game plan.” —Terry Yoffe

17:20 “My wounds became my story. My wounds became my journey.” —Terry Yoffe

17:49 “So many times in life, we missed the lessons behind the problems.” —Daniel Gomez

22:52 “People give up because they’re afraid, so many excuses… That tells me that somebody shouldn’t be in sales.” —Terry Yoffe

27:37 “We’re ordinary people but it’s about what we’ve done with our lives, the people we’ve touched,  the lives we’ve inspired.” —Terry Yoffe

29:11 “I can do this no matter what. And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t define me.” —Terry Yoffe