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June 1, 2020
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Together United with Dani Rocco

After surviving a life-changing car accident, everything Dani Rocco had put life value and purpose in shifted. Through her recovery, she discovered the difference between her outwardly projected shell and her soulful self.

Ready to experience massive shifts in your life? It’s time to get out of your head and listen as Dani Rocco and Daniel Gomez take you on a journey into your soul.

Episode Highlights

04:10 Obstacles and overcoming
06:09 Losing confidence and feeling like nothing
13:35 Borrowing strength
15:34 Living pro-active
20:39 Dying to self
21:29 Consistency and/vs. mastery
25:27 Roaring out your confidence
35:41 Together United
39:28 Repetitive cycle

About Dani Rocco

Dani Rocco is a mother, wife & lifelong entrepreneur. She is the author of “Devoted to a Soldier” & co-authored “Own Your Dreams” with Les Brown. She is a TV show host, a documentary producer of “Devoted to a Soldier”, a partner in the Join Our Table Movement, a Contributing Partner/Official journalist of “The Magazine” and a speaker.

Dani Rocco

There are just lessons in your life that are there for a reason, and that’s where (my) fire comes from.” Dani Rocco

There’s something when you actually speak what you’re thinking instead of just hearing inside your head.” Dani Rocco

Sometimes you don’t have the strength and you need to borrow someone else’s strength in the moment.” Dani Rocco

The healing process didn’t start ’til she opened her heart. And how does she open her heart? She opened her mouth… A lot of times, just speaking to somebody brings healing.” Daniel Gomez

We forget about our soul, and our soul is our intellect, our emotions, our feelings. We forget about that. And what happens is we focus so much on the mind that we forget our soul. Well, it doesn’t help you to have an awesome mindset if your soul is tortured and beaten up.” Daniel Gomez

I learn by stories, so how dare I not give stories for others to live by.” Dani Rocco

I had to let the old Dani Rocco die, and embrace this new me. And it’s given me the ability to lead with love, not just talk it.” Dani Rocco

That new area of your life that you want to obtain, that new frequency that you have to go and reach now, it’s going to cost you your old frequency.” Daniel Gomez

Consistency is the ability to show up, whether you think you’ve mastered it or not.” Dani Rocco

Too many of us — our old life is an old season, and we never let go of that old season of our lives and it keeps us from being who God created us to be.” Daniel Gomez

It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Asian, where you’re from. The bottom line is, we’re all people. One person, one race, one ethnic group can’t do it. But together, as a country, united, we can.” Daniel Gomez

We need to stop watching the news and feeding on this negativity because it’s bringing a spirit of division to a country that I love – that you love.” Daniel Gomez

You are the author. You are the poet. You are the artist painting that picture of your life. So, what ending do you want to write? Because you have the power to do it.” Daniel Gomez