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A Transfer of Trust with Jake Ballentine

Open your heart and transfer trust.” “Slow down to speed up.” Jake Ballentine and Daniel Gomez are on fire in this episode of The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show! It’s a must-listen for any entrepreneur who may feel like they’re not reaching their goals fast enough but doesn’t know what they should be doing differently.

Is that entrepreneur you?

Episode Highlights

03:53 Opening your heart and a transfer of trust
07:04 Serving
09:09 Disruption equals opportunity
11:33 Faith and believing
14:10 One day at a time
16:11 Consistency over intensity
22:32 Convictions
23:54 Short term vs. long term goals
29:01 Challenges
32:51 Perspective and gratitude

About Jake Ballentine

Jake Ballentine is the founder of “The Speakers, Authors and Coaches Network” a thriving community of over 7,000 aspiring and experienced message driven entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

He is an award winning motivational speaker and success coach who has presented at over 500 events. He is the author of “Your Number One Goal, A Step-by-Step Guide to Reach Any Goal of Any Size,” and is a contributing author in Jack Canfield’s “Living the Success Principles.” When he is not working he enjoys having fun in the outdoors, going to Disneyland and spending time with his wife Caitlin and three year old son Jacob.

Jake Ballentine

Every business, it doesn’t even matter what the business is — it could be coaching or it could be concrete — it’s doesn’t matter what you’re selling, if you can tie it into a message, you can connect to someone’s heart.” Jake Ballentine

All of the ‘business things’ tend to work out if you just focus on serving other people.” Jake Ballentine

Selling is a transfer of trust, and if people don’t trust you, they’re not going to interact you. They’re not going to do business with you.” Daniel Gomez

Business is about solving people’s problems.” Jake Ballentine

Faith is not a sure knowledge.” Jake Ballentine

I think the most important thing is to focus on is one day at a time. Focus on today. Yesterday is gone. You can’t do anything about it.” Jake Ballentine

The moment the speed — the workload — is preventing you from doing it consistently, you’re going too hard. You’re going too fast. Take it down a notch.” Jake Ballentine

Tiny tiny steps… That creates big, giant leaps.” Jake Ballentine

My most important conviction is that you are better than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can.” Jake Ballentine

Everyone takes their short terms goals and usually make them way too big. And then they take their long term goals and they make them way too small.” Jake Ballentine

There’s this fine balance between life design and life creation and also just be grateful for whatever comes our way.” Jake Ballentine