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January 12, 2021
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Why Right Attitude Tops the List of the Keys to Success with Alex Flores

There are three kinds of people in the world- the doubtful when circumstances are rough, the boastful when they do not know how to handle their blessings well, and the hopeful who keeps overcoming every storm. Attitude makes the difference! Listen in for another inspiring conversation with Daniel and Alex Flores, the General Manager of Capitol Chevrolet, the fastest growing car dealership in the country. Alex shares an unforgettable lesson about attitude and ways to cultivate the right attitude even when it does not seem practical at the moment. He also relates how the people around us affect our character and what leaders and leaders-in-the-making can learn about accountability. After this conversation, you will be able to answer the question: “Do you, or do you not believe that you can do better?” It’s a great day today! Don’t miss out on this special segment of The Daniel Gomez Inspires Show! 

"Success doesn't come easy. Glory doesn't come easy. You need to go through struggles and know that you're not going through it, you're GROWING through it. ." -Alex Flores

Episode Highlights

02:52 Right Attitude: The #1 Ingredient To Success

11:52 Keep a Positive Mindset

18:00 Hardships, Challenges, & Struggles

27:13 From Being a Waiter To Car Business Magnate

31:54 Reasons Sales Professional Fail

36:39 Reason Business Dealership Fail

41:03 Words Of Encouragement

About Alex Flores

Alex Flores, 26 year automotive veteran and current Dealer Principle and GM of Capitol Chevrolet, Seguin Chevrolet and founder of AF Consulting. His experience and knowledge has brought underperforming stores to elite status. Married, with three children who keep him more than busy. When he isn’t leading the teams to victory, he serves his community and church.  Alex is a Veteran of our US armed forces and with that brings much-needed structure and accountability to his stores. 


04:35 “If you do the right thing, if you work hard, eventually somebody is going to see it. Somebody is going to acknowledge your dedication and your discipline.” – Alex Flores

04:51 “Attitude is the most important ingredient in success.” – Daniel Gomez

07:11 “Always push through it; push through it with a great attitude.”  – Alex Flores 

09:53 “Constantly feed your brain with positive things, good book, Scriptures, and listen to people that are on the right path.”  – Alex Flores 

14:00 “When you do things that are easy, your life will be hard. When you do things that are hard, your life will be easy.”   – Alex Flores 

24:51 “Success doesn’t come easy. Glory doesn’t come easy. You need to go through those fights. Just know that you’re not going through it, you’re GROWING through it.” – Alex Flores