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Decoding the Business Code: Business Strategies and Techniques That Actually Work with Katherine Ramirez

“Why is advertising so hard?”, is a question that baffles many entrepreneurs. Let’s crack the marketing code with Daniel and Kat Ramirez. Kat talks about the things that entrepreneurs underestimate or fail to practice in their business and the biggest challenge that inhibits their professional growth. Also, learn how to approach LinkedIn the right way to leverage your business and why investment is an inevitable expense for success. Tune in and hear Kat’s proven and tested strategies and techniques for sure growth!  

“We're going to make a ton of mistakes. Get yourself together, move on, figure out a plan, and move forward. You can do it. You just need to do it!" -Katherine Ramirez

Episode Highlights

04:31 The Bro Man Gimmick

09:05 Consistency Is King

19:16 Behind Consistency Fails

23:37 What Entrepreneurs Fail to Do

27:39 Know Your Expectations 

33:05 Can You Write Your Own Success Story?

About Katherine Ramirez

Katherine currently serves as CEO of  adBidtise & #SocialBuzz, which she founded in 2014.  adBidtise & #SocialBuzz provides business owners with strategic ways to find affordable advertising options for their business needs, budgets, goals, and expectations so they can Stand Out and Grow. adBidtise & #SocialBuzz was created to address the ongoing need for businesses to have access to a resource for education, advocacy, accountability and an advertising company that would have their backs so they can make good business decisions when it comes to Marketing. Marketing is a necessary investment just like paying rent, paying your car payment and so on. Previously, Kat’s advertising sales experience has covered five major markets with high-profile broadcast television companies. Her previous Sales Management stops included:  WDJT CBS Milwaukee, WYTU Telemundo WI Milwaukee, KETV ABC Omaha, WBUW Madison’s CW, KWBQ/KASY CW Albuquerque and WBXX-TV CW of East TN Knoxville. She launched her career as an Account Manager with Roberts and Russell, Inc. Advertising Agency, in Knoxville, TN working along-side Leo Burnett and McCann Erickson.

KAT Professional Pic

16:56 “Whoever is in charge of their brand has to know that they have to make these investments in order to get better.” – Katherine Ramirez

20:25 “You got to make a sacrifice to get it done.” – Katherine Ramirez

23:43 “The biggest challenge for a lot of entrepreneurs and solopreneurs is delegating. They don’t want to delegate.” – Katherine Ramirez

26:55 “When you hire a business coach, you have to trust the person that you’re going to work with.”  – Katherine Ramirez

28:22 “Every campaign is different. Everybody’s expectation is different.”  – Katherine Ramirez

30:09 “There are no guarantees in life and in anything that you do. So you have to know that the person you’re working with has your best interest.”  – Katherine Ramirez

36:42  “Get yourself together, move on, figure out a plan, and move forward. You can do it. You just need to do it!”  – Katherine Ramirez

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