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The Climb IS Your Blessing with Barbara Allen


The only time of day we can see the multitude of stars is at night. So, do not be afraid of the dark. It is simply life telling you to let your light shine. Barbara Allen went through her darkest moment when her husband was murdered. Instead of shrinking back, Barb found herself a reason to move forward and even became a beacon of hope for others. In this episode, Daniel and Barbara shares real-life lessons about growth, gratitude, and perspectives. Adversities will always be a part of our journey in this life. The key is to use them as leverage. Remember, even the sun needs to keep burning to shine. Tune in for tips on how you can maintain your confidence to celebrate life despite what you’re going through. Never give up! 

“Never give up on yourself… Don't even focus on tomorrow, focus on the next minute. It is survivable. You can get through it.” - Barbara Allen

Episode Highlights
  • 03:11 Separate Emotions 
  • 16:55 Let Your Light Shine Until Everybody Sees It! 
  • 24:22 The Climb Is The Blessing
  • 29:04 Remind Yourself You’re Worthy
  • 32:13 Establish The Tone For The Day
  • 40:51 Get To Know Yourself
  • 45:14 Put On A Positive Perspective
  • 50:33 Never Give Up


  • “What Not To Wear To A Murder Trial And Other Tips Tragedy Taught Me” by Barbara Allen (The book will be out in July)


About Barbara:

Barbara Allen is co-founder of the patriotic company, American Snippets. Her work centers on strengthening the country she loves by helping patriotic Americans connect, collaborate, and conquer challenges together. She is co-host of the popular American Snippets podcast, as well as a powerful speaker and personal mentor. 

Barb’s path began in 2005 when her husband, Lt Louis Allen, was killed in Iraq. Lou and the commanding officer were murdered by a fellow soldier. That soldier was ultimately acquitted after a lengthy judicial process, in spite of his submission of a guilty plea. 

It was the pain of her loss and the unjustness of the trial that fueled Barbara to write her first book, Front Toward Enemy. She found inspiration for her second book, How to Woo a Widow, when she opened herself up to love again. Her third book, What Not to Wear to a Murder Trial, and other tips tragedy taught me, is set to be released this summer.

Her personal and professional tragedies and triumphs introduced Barb to mentors that guided her through her challenges. She passed that insight on to hundreds of veterans she counseled as a Veterans Services Officer and shares it with the people she professionally mentors today.

Together with her fiance, Barb created a national network of inspirational, patriotic Americans who strengthen our country by helping others strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities. Now that her own kids are grown, Barb spends her time with her fiance and her stepkids. She’s dusted off dormant passions and is leading by example, as she helps people savor life after loss.


09:31 “Separate emotion from things. Look at things logically, do not take it as a personal attack.” – Barbara Allen

11:08 “Everybody is a person with a heart and a soul underneath.” – Barbara Allen

13:39 “You cannot control, define, or create somebody else’s emotions. Stop holding yourself accountable for everybody else’s behavior. It works on both ends. We want to forgive and be forgiven.” – Barbara Allen

19:35 “You cannot dim your light to make other people happy.” – Daniel Gomez

20:41 “You have to put out good energy if you want good energy to come.” – Barbara Allen

22:20 “Don’t stop trying just because nobody sees you trying. Don’t stop pushing, because people can’t see you pushing… If you keep going, your light is going to spread and shine until everybody sees it.” – Barbara Allen

24:07 “God is taking us to the next level. My blessings are a consequence of serving God.” – Daniel Gomez

25:13 “People think the view is the blessing, but it’s the climb. Not everybody has the support, the courage, the strength, the knowledge, the health, or the grit to do it.” – Barbara Allen

34:29 “Every time you wake up, say thank you. When you put gratitude out as the very first thing, nothing else has a chance to come in. You’ve already established the tone for that day.” – Barbara Allen

35:53 “The first five minutes of your day dictates the rest of your day.” – Daniel Gomez

41:35 “There’s a big difference between giving up and a tactical retreat. A tactical retreat is when you’re not giving up on a goal, but on the path to take a different path.” – Barbara Allen

43:02 “Stop looking at things as defeat, start looking at it as lessons and move forward with it.” – Barbara Allen

43:40 “It’s okay to take a step back. Don’t be in that situation where you’re forced to take it.” – Daniel Gomez

46:40 “Look back at a moment and laugh. There is something that you can find from any moment that is going to shine some grace on you and humor on it.” – Barbara Allen

50:48 “Never give up on yourself… Don’t even focus on tomorrow, focus on the next minute. It is survivable. You can get through it.” – Barbara Allen