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September 29, 2020
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October 13, 2020

The Secret Formula to Success- 90 Days to Create Your Future! with Che Brown

You may have heard of hundreds of different “success formulas” before and even tried them yourself. Still, nothing works and the reason you might be reading this right now is that you haven’t given up. Your passion, resiliency, and perseverance are very commendable. That’s why in this episode, we are going to discuss how we can #staythecourse despite adversities and head straight to success. Daniel interviews Che Brown, a globally renowned giant in the sales world. Che explains why you do not have to figure everything out before proceeding, what we can learn from rookies when we are faced with challenges, how to get out if you’re stuck in the middle of a mess, and why sales is a power we should tap into. Che also shares his “Today is January 1” mindset, the golden rule of business, and the formula to success that is unlike any other formulas. Tune in and join the “90 Days to Create your Future” challenge!

“Success is a team sport. You can only get so far by your team.” -Che Brown

Episode Highlights

02:36 The Dream Sales Team

06:40 The Golden Rule of Business

14:09 Lesson From A Rookie

22:08 3 Steps To Get Out Of A Mess

31:25 The Formula to Success

38:01 The Number 1 Sale You Can Do Everyday 

45:22 How To Learn

50:30 Build Your Team of Hall of Famers 



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About Che Brown

Che Brown is a globally renowned giant in the sales world. He has cracked the once elusive code of entrepreneurial success with a game-changing model that unlocks unlimited financial potential, power, and wealth. In just six short years, he has dominated the sales space, coaching thousands of rising business leaders to achieve exponential growth and success in their industries, to the tune of over $400 million and counting.  His acclaimed 7-Figure Sales Team concept has forever erased the outdated notion that generating revenue in business is a sole-source game – instead illustrating it is indeed a team sport. Che lives, breathes, and sleeps his craft. He has his fingers on the pulse of profit generation and an instinctual insight into why the heart of a flailing business has stopped.  Most importantly, he can resuscitate the flow of revenue in any company with just a whiteboard and a conversation.  Che Brown is the Host of the #1 Business Development and Late Night Show In The Country: The Happy Entrepreneur Show and CEO Desk Founder

Che Brown - The Happy Entrepreneur 06222020

“Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect plan and we never do anything because we haven’t figured out all the details.” -Daniel Gomez

“The golden rule of business is to never run out of money. And really the only way not to run out of money is to make more sales.”  -Che Brown

“Selling is power.” -Che Brown

“To become a great sales professional; to really serve and give people value, you have to put your selfishness aside.” -Daniel Gomez

“If you do small things well, you’ll get big results.” -Che Brown

“Why do you want to settle for good when you can be great?” -Daniel Gomez

“The future by definition is imaginary. It doesn’t exist. We create the future.” -Che Brown

“Thoughts are things and things can be changed… Imagine what’s possible. believe what’s possible. Take action.”  -Che Brown

“The dominant pictures in your head are what’s going to pull you to the future that you want. And if you don’t like the life you have, you have to change those pictures in your head.” -Daniel Gomez

“Discipline is doing the things that you know you should do when you don’t feel like doing it.” -Che Brown

“Systems beat goals every single time. Goals are always in the future. You’re never there. It’s not about the goal. It’s about the systems you have on a daily basis in order to reach that goal because success is the daily habits that you do every single day.” -Che Brown

“The number one sale you make every single day is to sell to yourself.” -Che Brown

“You are the entrepreneur of yourself… Embrace it, don’t resist it.” -Che Brown

“Selling  is service.” -Che Brown

“When you find yourself in that situation when [what others think] no longer matters, it allows you to go out there and add value to other people.” -Che Brown

“Success is a team sport. You can only get so far by your team.” -Che Brown

“As you start to take action, people are going to criticize you. Don’t listen to them. The dream is for you.” -Daniel Gomez

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