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October 6, 2020
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October 20, 2020

How To Architect The Future You Want By Inner Engineering Yourself with Kajal Khurana

The fastest route to success is to never take a short-cut. In this fast-paced world, we want everything to be automatic and instant. But most often, we end up more exhausted and frustrated. Today, Daniel and Kajal Khurana talk about self-love and why it is necessary to practice it as early as possible. Kajal also shares how to change our old patterns so we can show up better in our lives, the simple things we can do to start practicing self-love, why we should keep a constant intention check and be clear with our “whys”, how to find balance in every aspect of our life, and how to “engineer” and recharge our mind and heart to serve us well especially during challenging situations. You can build the future you want by being mindful of how you live your present. Tune in and gather the tools you need to architect your future!

“Transformational changes need daily implementation.” -Kajal Khurana

Episode Highlights

02:55 The Loss of Genuineness

06:32 How to Change Old Patterns

10:14 How to Start With Self-Love 

16:18 Think About Your “Why”

22:06 Talk To Your Mind 

26:46 How to Find Balance

31:12 Inner Engineering

36:13 Architect Your Future

About Kajal Khurana

Kajal Khurana is an Author, Podcast Host, and Wellness Coach. Her book “Why Me First” is the  #1 Best Seller book in 4 different categories on Amazon. Since 2010, she has helped professionals, entrepreneurs and working mothers have a positive mindset, gain clarity in business, improve the quality of their sleep and adapt healthy eating habits, so they stay productive and achieve their goals faster. 

She helps her clients adapt these changes in an easy way so it becomes their lifestyle rather than a struggle. With her experience and all the insights she has gained over the last 9 years, she is very passionate about helping people transform their lives by becoming their accountability partner in their transformation journey.  She believes that “you have the power to become a better you”.

Kajal Khurana

“Genuineness means being human. Having that empathy towards mankind is definitely missing.” -Kajal Khurana

“You can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Most of the time we rely on external factors to make us feel good. But we are responsible for how we feel ” -Kajal Khurana

“Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come. And the moment you realize it, it gives you confidence.” -Daniel Gomez

“The moment you try to just go for the ROI, you’re going to make mistakes and you’re going to mess up.” -Daniel Gomez 

“Money is a byproduct. If your intentions are right, it will come.” -Kajal Khurana

“Switch off with the external world and try to switch in.” -Kajal Khurana

“Transformational changes need daily implementation.” -Kajal Khurana