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The Subconscious Millionaire Method: How to Rewire Your Brain for Riches with Nate Auffort

Our subconscious mind governs up to 90 percent of our daily decisions. However, this part of our brain develops from a very young age based on our environment and upbringing. This means it could be holding us back with years of limiting programming without us even knowing. But the good news is, we have the ability to reprogram our subconscious mind for abundance. 

Nate Auffort is a renowned speaker who helps others shift their mindsets around wealth creation and success through his SWAT training events and mindset coaching. Through his impactful storytelling about overcoming his own struggles, he inspires audiences to break through limiting beliefs and take control of their lives and businesses.

In this episode, Daniel and Nate discuss hacking our subconscious minds and when it is best to do so. They emphasize the importance of having an attitude of gratitude even during hard times, helping others achieve their goals, mapping out our future and taking actionable steps, and having faith and gratitude in overcoming adversities.

“Most people never live. They want to run from the worst thing that can happen. They don't embrace it so then your mind is always worrying and anxious… But you can make it through if the worst thing happens. — Why worry? It's worse than death.” —Nate Auffort

Episode Highlights
  • 04:53 Overcoming Limiting Beliefs for Financial Success
  • 08:09 Embracing Struggles Results in Growth
  • 13:38 The Importance of Living in the Present
  • 20:29 Your Personal Growth Impacts Others
  • 29:54 Goal-Setting and Actionable Steps 
  • 39:18 Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind
  • 47:58 Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
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Connect with Nate:

Struggling to get ahead financially, Nate Auffort was a college dropout who got involved in dozens of sales positions and companies only to find himself failing over and over again, winding up over $100,000 in debt.  It wasn’t until he met a mentor in his mid 20’s who took him under his wing  to teach him the necessary skills to begin having money chase you as opposed to chasing money. 

Nate Auffort learned and mastered these skills and by applying them has become a 7 Figure Income earner multiple times in three different companies and industries, shattering the records previously set by their current sales people. 

 He has taught these unknown secrets to a select few and has helped them achieve Millionaire status as well in their own lives. This is the 1st time he will be revealing these techniques to an audience of thousands 


07:45 “You develop who you are by going through those hard times. There is an opportunity for you. A lot of people never grow because they are not willing to go through the hard times.” —Nate Auffort

10:03 “They don’t have character, they never built the character to have the wealth that they have.” —Nate Auffort

15:03 “When you don’t take care of what you have right now, how do we expect God to bless us with more? It’s gratitude.” —Daniel Gomez

19:12 “People that say money’s not everything are the first people that are afraid to part with it or risk anything to lose what they have.” —Nate Auffort

24:10 “Don’t fall in love with your stuff.” —Nate Auffort

29:57 “People don’t work for desire to gain; they work for fear of loss.” —Nate Auffort 

32:17 “Most people put more time and energy picking out a birthday present, or planning a surprise party or planning a vacation than they ever do their life.” —Nate Auffort  

36:49 “Winners show up. Everything you want is on the other side of ‘I don’t feel like it.’” —Daniel Gomez

37:55 “Your brain is a computer and you don’t have a delete button, unfortunately. Whatever’s happening around you, your brain’s being programmed and your belief systems are being formulated. I can’t delete it, so I have to reprogram it.” —Nate Auffort

41:12 “When you undervalue yourself, you don’t feel you’re worthy.” —Daniel Gomez

41:47 “We’re born to win, and we’re conditioned to lose.” —Nate Auffort 

50:18 “Most people never live. They want to run from the worst thing that can happen. They don’t embrace it so then your mind is always worrying and anxious… But you can make it through if the worst thing happens.” —Nate Auffort

52:28 “Why worry? It’s worse than death.” —Nate Auffort

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