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From Fed Up to Fired Up— How to Stop Settling and Start Succeeding with Mills Rodgers

We’ve all had those moments where we reach our breaking point— where the frustration and fatigue boil over until we’re fed up with our situation and ready for a change. But too often, that feeling of dissatisfaction doesn’t drive us forward— it holds us back as we dwell on what’s not working instead of focusing on solutions. The truth is, being fed up is meaningless unless it motivates us to meaningful action. 

This week, Daniel is joined by Mills Rodgers, a former teacher of 15 years who has built a successful speaking career focused on inspiring educators and students. Sick of facing rejection without result, he harnessed his hunger and drove Uber while teaching to chase bigger dreams. Now an in-demand motivator, Mills proves how swapping complaints for courage can transform a life. 

Listen in as Mills gets real about the financial struggles and personal challenges he overcame to chase his dreams and how a broken-down car led to an unexpected blessing that fueled his launch as a motivational speaker. Daniel and Mills also talked about the discipline, decisions, and desperation required for success, how to unwrap problems to find blessings, not letting rejection define you, and more! 

“Success is in 3D. You have to have discipline, which is doing the right things consistently. You have to make the right decisions, choices, and you got to be desperate, you got to want it bad.” —Mills Rodgers

Episode Highlights
  • 04:08 A Former Teacher Turned Speaker
  • 09:20 Career Paths and Motivation  
  • 13:17 Overcoming Self-Doubt
  • 18:02 Legacy Building 
  • 23:14 Desperation and Self-Belief
  • 28:00 Overcoming Financial Struggles and Personal Challenges
  • 34:29 Turn Problems to Blessings




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Connect with Mills:

Mills “Mr. Rodge” Rodgers is an author and speaker on topics related to educational equity, personal development, and leadership. Mr. Rodge has served his country and communities as an Army veteran and as a public school educator. In the Army, he served as a mental health specialist. 

He shares the insights he has gained through those diverse experiences in a fun, engaging manner with audiences. Mills has authored 4 editions of his books titled Success Is A Process, Not An Event, with versions targeted to students and educators. He hopes to help his audiences realize that their goals, dreams, and passions are within reach and that equity in education and society is of high importance to make this happen. Like the title of his latest book, he believes that you are more than capable, that You Can Win Being You!


07:13 “Sometimes, people get stuck in where they’re at they don’t see what could be.” —Daniel Gomez

11:27 “Let me not limit myself.” —Mills Rodgers

16:07 “And I believe in myself, even though I feel like other people are not believing in me.” —Mills Rodgers

18:35 “Success is in 3D. You have to have discipline, which is doing the right things consistently. You have to make the right decisions, choices, and you got to be desperate, you got to want it bad.” —Mills Rodgers

20:15 “Even though the financial point of barrier of entry is low, the emotional side are what’s going to cost you more than you think.” —Daniel Gomez

27:13 “What other people had to say didn’t dictate my worth.” —Mills Rodgers

34:11 “Stop focusing on your problem so close because God has a way of wrapping your blessing. And if you’re not mature enough, you’ll never get that blessing on the other side.” —Daniel Gomez

35:36 “If you believe in yourself, if you believe in God, ultimately, things come full circle.” —Mills Rodgers