From Fed Up to Fired Up— How to Stop Settling and Start Succeeding with Mills Rodgers
May 5, 2024

How to Grow Your Business Through Strategic Marketing  with Robert Ratliff

Effective marketing is the key to any successful business. Through targeted outreach and visibility strategies, marketing helps connect businesses with qualified potential customers. It introduces brands and products to their ideal audiences and tells a compelling story about why a particular solution is the best fit. 

Joining us this week is marketing expert and Marketing AI Founder, Rob Ratliff. With over 13 years of experience in marketing and web development, Rob helps businesses grow through targeted digital advertising strategies. 

Join in as Daniel and Rob break down the key differences between marketing and sales, emphasizing visibility, retargeting, and optimization. They also dive into the common mistakes businesses make with their marketing, the importance of targeting the right audience through social media, how much of a business’s revenue should be dedicated to marketing budgets, and the importance of mindset shifts for entrepreneurs. 

“When it comes to business, you have to start making decisions. You have to decide what that's going to be and then you have to pursue that like it's the most important thing in the world.” —Robert Ratliff

Episode Highlights
  • 04:15 Marketing Budget 
  • 09:14 Marketing Strategies 
  • 16:02 Overcoming Adversity
  • 19:58 Entrepreneurship for Freedom 
  • 24:25 Make Choices with Determination




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Connect with Rob:

Rob Ratliff is the owner and founder of Marketing AI, a digital marketing agency based in Missouri. With over 15 years of experience in marketing, web development, and graphic design, Rob specializes in developing targeted advertising strategies to help businesses gain visibility and attract new customers. Prior to starting his own business, Rob held positions at various technology companies and helped launch several startups. When he’s not running his agency, Rob enjoys spending time with his family outdoors and staying active.


02:02 “If you own a business, you’re also in marketing. But most people think that sales is marketing or they think marketing is sales.” —Daniel Gomez

04:12 “Until you’re asking for that credit card, it’s all marketing [not sales].” —Robert Ratliff

07:10 “First is time. But when you run out of time, it’s time to start putting money into it and let the dollars go to work for you.” —Robert Ratliff 

09:30 “Your product can be great, but if your employees are mean, no one wants to work with you.” —Robert Ratliff

21:27 “You’ve got to follow your heart, follow your passion. How many people are sitting there in that cubicle wishing they weren’t?” —Robert Ratliff

25:48 “Entrepreneurialism is freedom if you do it right.” —Robert Ratliff

28:45 “When it comes to business, you have to start making decisions. You have to decide what that’s going to be and then you have to pursue that like it’s the most important thing in the world.” —Robert Ratliff