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How Changing Your Money Story Can Transform Your Financial Future with Michelle Jacobik

The story we tell ourselves about money has a profound impact on our financial realities and life experiences. Growing up hearing “we can’t afford that” or “money doesn’t grow on trees” plants seeds of limitation that can become self-fulfilling prophecies. Those who craft a “good money story” see themselves as worthy of abundance and financial security. With a revised internal script that casts them as the hero of their financial journey, they feel in control and motivated to make empowered choices that lead to prosperity and opportunity. 

In this episode, Daniel sits with highly sought-after Financial Coach & Business Strategist, Michelle Jacobik, to share insights on overcoming limiting beliefs and money stories that hinder success. They also emphasized the importance of recognizing what shapes our financial habits, overcoming financial avoidance, neutralizing these beliefs, learning how to manage debt, having supportive networks, pursuing personal growth, and more. 

“When you're chasing your potential, you're going to come back face to face with the younger version of you. But the best part is, you also get to turn forward and come face to face with the future version of you.” —Michelle Jacobik

Episode Highlights
  • 01:22 How Money Impacts Financial Decision
  • 10:41 How Upbringing Shapes Financial Habits and Beliefs
  • 15:09 Financial Stability and Debt Management 
  • 20:38 Overcoming Financial Mistakes
  • 25:12 Forgiveness, Healing, and Personal Growth
  • 32:37 Self-Sabotage in Entrepreneurship
  • 36:47 The Importance of Asking for Help




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Connect with Michelle:

Michelle Jacobik is a highly sought-after Financial Coach & Business Strategist. Her financial solutions & divorce support programs have successfully led individuals around the country to rebuild their financial foundations. Using the budgeting tools, debt reduction planning, and saving techniques within her signature LIFESTYLE RE-DESIGN PLANNING™ process, she helps clients forge their way toward their goals.


03:56 “When we speak about money such as, ‘we can’t afford that’, we are cementing ourselves now and in the future, and we’re keeping our own family’s financial DNA stuck.” —Michelle Jacobik

13:07 “People don’t have the awareness of what they say many times.” —Daniel Gomez

13:21 “The more you say, ‘I can’t afford it’, you’re never going to afford it.” —Daniel Gomez

14:20 “Our brain is going to answer the questions; we just have to flip the script.” —Michelle Jacobik

14:29 “Financial consistency is actually what led to financial stability… which meant having a plan.” —Michelle Jacobik

15:05 “The results of financial avoidance are always the same— it’s misaligned spending, missed opportunities, and a lack of financial stability.” —Michelle Jacobik

19:50 “The shame and the blame have to go away so you can get clear about how to move yourself from where you are to where you want to go.” —Michelle Jacobik

21:33 “So many people don’t realize that shame and guilt can keep you broke.” —Daniel Gomez 

23:57 “Many people need help around the shame, they can’t just unpeel the shame. They’ve got to go through the layers of where that shame came from in order to make correction.” —Michelle Jacobik

25:15 “Shame is the the weight and the armor that will keep you from your greatest potential. You’re not meant to carry shame.” —Michelle Jacobik

26:40 “You’re here on purpose and for purpose. And in order for you to be in your greatest potential, shame must go.” —Michelle Jacobik

32:24 “When you’re chasing your potential, you’re going to come back face to face with the younger version of you. But the best part is, you also get to turn forward and come face to face with the future version of you.” —Michelle Jacobik

35:14 “You’re not meant to walk it alone, find the guide.” —Michelle Jacobik

38:48 “You’ve got to breathe life into your vision, not have somebody blow the candle out.” —Michelle Jacobik