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Off-Script Starts for On-Purpose Wins— Neural Hacks to Override Limiting Patterns with Danielle Massi

Childhood trauma can have long-lasting impacts that are not always visible on the surface. When a child experiences adverse events without the proper support system, it can cause deep wounds that affect their development and shape and their responses for years to come. This unresolved trauma can silently influence behaviors and decisions, making them vulnerable to stress and preventing them from reaching their full potential. 

Danielle Massi is a best-selling author, international keynote speaker, and the CEO of The Wellness Collective. As a licensed psychotherapist and Shadow Work expert, Danielle has helped many people uncover and process their early childhood traumas so they can live freely without unconscious reactions holding them back.

Tune in as Daniel and Danielle talk about how we can childhood traumas can impact our adult responses, how to recognize and overcome childhood programming, what dissociation means and how it impacts our mental health, why we should be intentional about making changes early on, how our brains are wired for safety but also capable of taking risks, what our triggers mean, and how we can rewire our neural pathways to heal from trauma and expand our self-image to receive more in life.

“I'm not afraid of my darkness. I'm inspired by it. Because within the darkest corners of my soul, I found myself.” —Danielle Massi

Episode Highlights
  • 01:24 Overcoming Fear of Failure
  • 06:53 Dissociation and Its Impact on Mental Health 
  • 13:04 Recognizing and Overcoming Childhood Programming 
  • 17:16 Adversities Lead to Growth
  • 27:06 How the Brain is Wired
  • 32:05 Triggers from Unconscious Memories and Emotions
  • 36:11 Reprogramming Neural Pathways for Self-Love and Success
  • 43:47 Identifying True Friends During Adversities




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Danielle Massi, M.S., LMFT is a master shadow work practitioner, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and CEO of The Wellness Collective, a virtual holistic healing center serving clients around the globe. Her signature shadow work program, the Create Your Light Academy, has helped thousands of spiritual women unearth, remove, and heal unconscious blocks that are causing the disconnect between their minds, bodies, and energy.

Danielle is the founder of the SELF(ISH) Philly Conference, a self-care conference, where hundreds of women gather annually to indulge in a day of expansion and growth, and the creator of the Shadow Seekers® Certification course that teaches spiritual leaders to become trauma-informed, certified shadow workers.

​Danielle has written for and been featured in New York Mag, The Cut, Shape Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed, and is a frequent guest on talk shows, major news outlets, and high-ranking podcasts. She is the creator of The Shadow Seekers® Journal, the most highly sought-after shadow work journal on the market, and Danielle’s newest book, Shadow Work, is already making waves in the healing world!


06:55 “A big mistake a lot of young entrepreneurs and business owners make is they want to make everybody happy.” —Daniel Gomez 

10:21 “When we don’t feel our feelings, when we try to bottle them down and repress them and push them somewhere, it causes a lot of disconnected the body.” —Danielle Massi

14:32 “The first thing you need to do is recognize that it’s there. So many of us don’t want to see that there’s something that’s triggering us.” —Danielle Massi

17:35 “Your nervous system is reacting based on your childhood. — We don’t want to throw a bandaid on it. We want to get to it at the earliest moment.” —Danielle Massi

20:17 “Relationships are where we play out our old traumas, and where we test the waters and see if we want to keep playing them out or grow. And that’s why so often we see divorce happen around your one, year five, year 10, and year 20 because those are the times when we have transitions that make us face that very question ” —Danielle Massi

21:08 “Those moments of low can give us our high highs if we’re willing to let them be teaching moments and to do something about them when they occur.” —Danielle Massi

23:39 “If anything gets wrong today, just start thinking about what do you want now.” —Danielle Massi

25:10 “So many times, we underestimate how strong we can be.” —Daniel Gomez

29:49 “Our brains are wired to keep us safe. It’s not because we can’t take risks and we can’t do big things. It’s because the brain prefers the knowns… When you start to convince yourself that it will be, it becomes easier and easier to take those big risks.” —Danielle Massi

35:32 “People don’t see the backstory. But it’s not about you, it’s about them. In those moments, people just need to react the way they’ve always reacted.” —Danielle Massi

38:49 “We’re still human beings, we’re essentially gigantic babies walking around getting triggered by things that have been bothering us since we were four years old. Until we go back to those moments, we can’t be successful in the way that we have the potential to be.” —Danielle Massi

45:24 “I’m not afraid of my darkness. I’m inspired by it. Because within the darkest corners of my soul, I found myself.” —Danielle Massi 

46:28 “Understand who your people are that are there for you, and not because of your success.” —Danielle Massi