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You Are An Asset, Increase Your Value! with Coach Micheal Burt

Just imagine what life could be if you were an asset to yourself— where you see yourself as something of value that increases in worth over time. Just like any other asset, if you want to increase its value, you need to invest in it.

One way to do this is by getting a coach. By hiring a coach, you’re investing in their time and expertise so that they can help unlock and maximize your potential. But too often, we think of things like professional development and coaching as luxuries that would be nice to have, but aren’t necessary. We can’t all afford an executive coach (or so we think).

But the truth is, what matters is where you put your energy. Everything you do on your own behalf will pay off in some way. And the best part? The more valuable you are as an asset, the more people are willing to pay for you!

Listen in as Daniel and Coach Micheal Burt reveal how top people think, invest, and work to be more successful than they currently are. They also talk about the common struggles coaches face and how to overcome them, how to build a concept, put it together, market it, monetize it, and ultimately, scale it. Don’t miss this week’s inspiring episode!

“We'll never stop getting better unless we choose to stop getting better.” -Micheal Burt

Episode Highlights
  • 03:15 Coach Struggles Are Real
  • 06:39 What Makes a Concept Great?
  • 09:29 What’s in a Name? 
  • 13:34 Coaches Need a Coach
  • 17:52 How Top People Invest
  • 20:55 How Top People Think
  • 26:35 The Key to Promotion
  • 33:04 Teach Your Brain to Thrive





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MICHEAL J. BURT represents the new age leader: the Zebra and the Cheetah. Part

coach, part entrepreneur, and all leader, Coach Burt is the go-to guy for entrepreneurs who want to become people of interest, salespeople who want to be superstars, and managers who want to be coaches. He is a former championship coach and the author of eight books. His radio show, Change Your Life Radio, can be heard globally on (WLAC). 

As a former championship women’s basketball coach, Micheal’s teams produced seven consecutive 20+ win seasons, four conference titles, three sub-state appearances, and one state championship.

Micheal combines his deep coaching acumen with his entrepreneurial mindset to create unique processes for his clients that move them toward their dominant aspirations in a consistent and coordinated manner.


06:39 “Great concepts are typically actions.” -Micheal Burt 

10:45 “Concept needs to solve a problem— that’s where monetization takes place.” -Micheal Burt

14:57  “If you’re not getting the results, it’s clear you don’t know how to do something. You need to reach out to somebody who has shown a demonstrated capacity of doing what you want to do, and you need to be hungry, humble, and coachable.” -Micheal Burt

16:00 “So many times we try a different thing with the same thinking. And if you don’t have the mindset to get to that next level, you’re not going to get there.” -Daniel Gomez 

18:23 “Information is an asset. What you do with the information is an asset.” -Micheal Burt

20:57 “Top people are interested in hiring the best talent, but not just any talent. They’re interested in who has a skill set that they can learn from.” -Micheal Burt

23:39 “The more you give, the more you receive, and you cannot lose that way.” -Daniel Gomez

23:41 “Investing in yourself is not a liability. You are an asset. When you start seeing yourself as an asset, people are going to pay you more money when you bring more value to the marketplace.” -Daniel Gomez

25:11 “The gap motivates, but we should be measuring the gain.” -Micheal Burt

27:16 “Gratitude is the key for promotion, God is not going to promote you until you’re grateful for what He’s giving you.” -Daniel Gomez

28:47 “A good coach can change your life.” -Micheal Burt

31:55 “When you’re crazy enough to take action, the people, the scenarios, the situation, the things that you need will show up.” -Daniel Gomez

35:41 “The brain is not hardwired to thrive, it’s hardwired to survive. It takes the path of least resistance, it doesn’t play offense but plays defense. You have to teach it how to thrive.” -Micheal Burt

36:41 “We’ll never stop getting better unless we choose to stop getting better.” -Micheal Burt

36:59 “Invest in yourself. You’re an asset and assets increase in value.” -Daniel Gomez