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Level Up Your Results- Attempt the Impossible with Krystal Zellmer

Jump into the impossible! This is a solid call to action—to jump into something that seems impossible for anyone else but us. 

But it could also be taken as a warning—if we do not grab that opportunity, we could leave ourselves vulnerable to someone else who’s willing to take the risk. 

The idea is simple and clear: If everyone else is saying it’s impossible, then maybe it’s not so impossible after all. Maybe it’s just a matter of perspective—and if there’s one thing we have in spades, it’s perspective! If no one else sees what we see in our vision, that means no one else will get there either. So there’s only one way for us to go, and that is up! 

In this episode, Daniel interviews the co-owner of Klemmer Coaching Academy, Krystal Zellmer. Being a young executive left with the legacy of his father to uphold, Krystal felt inadequate and undeserving. But if there’s one thing that does not appear in her dictionary, it’s the phrase “I can’t.” She was able to climb one level after another and become someone others can rely on and look up to. But first, she had to start by overcoming the negative belief system that this society is trying to engrave in all of us. 

Listen in as Daniel and Krystal discuss these common belief systems that get us stuck, what action steps we can take to overcome them, and why being complacent puts us in a dangerous space. Our journey is not well-defined. Sometimes, not knowing you can’t do it is all it takes. 

“He who jumps the impossible has little competition. It's time to just raise our own standards and not settle for what's mediocre because He's provided us so much more than that.” -Krystal Zellmer

Episode Highlights
  • 03:26 Keeping the Legacy Alive
  • 07:20 Overcoming Subconscious Belief Systems
  • 10:19 Do It Anyways
  • 15:31 Do Not be Complacent in Your Own Success
  • 19:07 Who Dictates the Quality of Your Life? 
  • 26:15 Filter Negative Opinions
  • 30:01 Level Up!
  • 33:01 When You Have Haters 
  • 38:28 You Are Meant for Something Incredible
  • 41:42 Attempt the Impossible






Connect with Krystal:

Krystal Zellmer is the co-owner and Vice President of Klemmer Coaching Academy, a company that focuses on helping companies and individuals through leadership and character development. She is also an experiential speaker herself and a Personal Development Advocate. As an Amazon Best Selling Author, seasoned facilitator, and successful executive of a global leadership company, Krystal knows how to open people up to their greatest passions, possibilities, and purpose. 


05:11 “God blesses the willing. What it takes at the end of the day is being so unreasonably committed, that you’re willing to take the risks, you’re willing to pay the prices, you’re willing to go all the way to the finish line.” -Krystal Zellmer

06:16 “You have to be committed beyond committed.” -Daniel Gomez

06:27 “You’re either interested or you’re committed. When you’re interested, you make excuses. When things get hard, you do what’s easy. But when you’re committed, you get out to whatever it may be.” -Daniel Gomez 

08:03 “When you have a pattern that runs on automatic without even thinking about it, you will say and do things that don’t necessarily support your vision out of a subconscious belief system that’s holding you back.” -Krystal Zellmer

10:20 “do it anyway. I think so many people are like, my reason to not, that’s a reason to say yes.” -Krystal Zellmer

11:03 “Leaders never feel like it— They don’t feel like doing everything it is that they said they were going to do every single day. It’s just they don’t let their feelings dictate their behavior.” -Krystal Zellmer

12:15 Actively find a support system that believes in you more than you believe in yourself.” -Krystal Zellmer

13:42 “The first one is always bad no matter how much you prepare— You learn best in the process of doing not in thinking about it.” -Krystal Zellmer

21:06 “I’m no longer going to allow them to dictate the quality of my life. That’s no longer going to be my standard.” -Krystal Zellmer

21:52 “Many entrepreneurs give up mentally because it’s lonely sometimes. If you don’t have the resilience in your mind, you’re going to bounce back.” -Daniel Gomez 

23:49 “This feeling that everything we do needs to be accepted by people will crush success faster than almost anything else.” -Krystal Zellmer

26:54 “When people don’t like me, that says nothing about who I am created to be.” -Krystal Zellmer

31:17 “You need that hit to go to the next level… We wish it was another way but the truth is, there’s no other way.” -Daniel Gomez 

31:45 “Anybody doing anything is going to get critiqued. And the bigger you get, the more critique is coming.” -Krystal Zellmer

33:02 “Where you invest, [is where] your energy will grow.” -Krystal Zellmer

35:34 “Pressure is a privilege. That pressure that you design in your own life creates great growth.” -Krystal Zellmer

37:00 “Leaders don’t follow their feelings. Leaders do what they need to do.” -Krystal Zellmer

38:47 “You were meant for something incredible. There is a seed in you that doesn’t exist in any other person. You’re the only person who can deliver that fruit. God sees you as capable, worthy, and deserving.” -Krystal Zellmer

42:20 “He who jumps the impossible has little competition. It’s time to just raise our own standards and not settle for what’s mediocre because He’s provided us so much more than that.” -Krystal Zellmer 

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