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The Art and Science of Scaling Your Business Bigger, Better, and Faster with Brandon Dawson

As you grow your business, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the only way to succeed is by focusing on short-term gains. But the best leaders know that long-term success is based on an unshakeable foundation of purpose, principles, and values.

When it comes to growing your company, there are two distinct elements: art and science. The art is all about putting your heart into what you do—it’s about passion and vision. Science, on the other hand, is all about using data to drive decisions that will help move your business forward in measurable ways. 

Brandon Dawson, the co-founder and Managing Partner at Cardone Ventures, combined these two factors and was able to build successful businesses. He is a serial entrepreneur, a business strategist, and a business scaling expert with a passion for helping entrepreneurs boost their impact. As a business leader, Brandon aims to achieve results and multiply them significantly through the 10X methodology. He’s done the work, learned the lessons, built the systems, and is ready to share them! 

Listen in as Daniel and Brandon discuss the difference between “scale” and “scaling” and how we can maximize our potential at a given moment and take it to the next level without outgrowing our ability to manage the growth. They also share what values and principles are critical to success, how to build a power team, how to avoid making bad decisions, how to avoid breaking down personally, financially, and professionally during rapid expansion, and if we do, how we can recover fast. 

“What you think is what you say, what you say is what you do, what you do becomes your legacy.” -Brandon Dawson

Episode Highlights
  • 03:13 Scale vs Scaling 
  • 08:21 Knowing vs Unknowingness
  • 14:18 The Most Important Aspect of Scaling: TEAM
  • 21:07 How to Avoid Making Bad Decisions
  • 27:24 YOU are In-Charge
  • 32:55 How to NOT Break During Scaling
  • 36:52 Take Responsibility
  • 39:47 How to Leave a Legacy






Connect with Brandon:

A respected and sought-after lecturer and CEO advisor on entrepreneurship, leadership, and business-building strategies, Brandon Dawson specializes in creating value for businesses operating in industries with poor single- or multi-unit economies of scale, industry consolidation, or increasing large-scale competition.

Brandon believes that people move businesses, and therefore is dedicated to helping his clients, colleagues, and employees achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals.


06:34 “Scaling is the expansion to the rap or is the rapid expansion, what you can prove works that creates value scale, is maximizing what you have at the moment in time, you realize you need to fortify and structurally engineer before you try to pop to the next level.” -Brandon Dawson

07:20 “Values goes more than just connecting with people in business.” -Daniel Gomez

08:45 “Bad business owners will never hire great people.” -Brandon Dawson

08:57 “Whatever is in your business, you put it in there. That business is a direct reflection of your persona as the business owner.” -Brandon Dawson

10:51 “Whatever you have in your sphere of influence, whatever you brought into your life, it’s under you. You’re the one responsible.” -Brandon Dawson

11:12 “The difference between knowingness and unknowingness is practicing versus certainty.” -Brandon Dawson

11:43 “The more you have a clearer picture and certainty, the faster you can accelerate to the success equation.”-Brandon Dawson

12:51 “Businesses fail because they opt to not operate with intellectual awareness and intellectual curiosity by learning to talk to the right people, ask the right questions, and do the right things.” -Brandon Dawson

14:27 “When people can’t honor who’s helping them succeed, they will never get other people to honor them.” -Brandon Dawson

15:34 “Once you prove what works, that doesn’t matter anymore. It’s who you do it with, how you do it, and the leadership team you’ve created to hold everyone accountable with discipline and inspiration, and aligning those teams with transparency so you can drive the stated results and purpose of the organization. If you don’t recognize that as the leader, you’re already in trouble.” -Brandon Dawson

17:04 “What you don’t talk about, you’re going to problems with. So what you do talk about you manifest.” -Brandon Dawson

18:58 “You cannot scale a business if you don’t scale your team. You can’t move your business to scaling …. if your team isn’t scaling.” -Brandon Dawson

20:06 “you can’t grow a business without growing the capacity of your employees to receive.” -Daniel Gomez

20:13 “If you’re not being creative, you’re disintegrating.” -Daniel Gomez

20:33 “You have to invest in the growth of your people. Stop seeing it as a cost.” -Daniel Gomez

21:26 “If you’re not growing as the owner with competency and attributes required to build, then no one knows what they’re doing.” -Brandon Dawson

28:50 “never gonna hire somebody to fix your problems, because you’re in charge and you created them.” -Brandon Dawson

37:42 “There’s nothing better that you can do than take responsibility.” -Daniel Gomez

38:52 “If you don’t start assessing and owning what you contribute to a failure, you’ll never be a better version of yourself because you’ll always be a victim of somebody else.” -Brandon Dawson

39:21 “There is no limitation to how much you can succeed personally, professionally, and financially. But if you do not commit to bringing others with you, you will be limited.” -Brandon Dawson

39:48 “What you think is what you say, what you say is what you do, what you do becomes your legacy.” -Brandon Dawson