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Focus Forward- What It Means and How to Do It with Will Ramsey

When we go through something tragic, it’s almost impossible to move on with our lives and keep our focus forward. We tend to have this feeling of being stuck in a looping memory of what happened. But this is a normal human reaction after experiencing loss. We are not born with the ability to deal with tragedy, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. We can learn how to do it. 

Many people know him as Will Ramsey “Ignites”. Yet, behind the burning passion of helping others overcome adversity, was a man facing a battle of his own. After his wife was imprisoned, Will had to raise their 3 children alone. Life as a single parent was already hard enough, but the most painful tragedy of all was hearing that his son passed away. How did Will react? What did he do the morning of the funeral that changed his life? And how did he find healing and purpose?

In this episode, Will talks about how to start moving forward again after tragedy, how to address your emotions head-on, and how to use your story to help others get through their own hardships. Daniel and Will also discuss how to avoid being stuck in the past and how to find a new purpose for your life. Tune in!

“Take that first step into what it is that God has for you. Focus forward on what it is that you need to and you're going to be amazed at what's going to happen.” -Will Ramsey

Episode Highlights
  • 03:32 You’re the Brand
  • 09:03 Better Not Bitter
  • 16:51 Stories Change Lives
  • 21:20 Overcome the Terror Barrier
  • 25:22 Just Do It
  • 29:42 No Day Offs
  • 31:37 Don’t Worry About the How







Connect with Will:

Will Ramsey “Ignites” is a motivational speaker and Adversity Coach. He spent over 20 years in the retail automotive industry and leadership development, all the while raising 3 children as a single parent. However, his life changed when he received the most painful news a parent could ever receive— the death of his son. Rather than let his loss overcome him, Will responded to the path he was called for. Today, he continues to help people navigate through adversity and come out stronger on the other side. 


05:34 “Doing the same thing over and over again and you get lulled into this sense of comfort. And nobody does anything when they’re comfortable.” -Will Ramsey

06:28 “When you lose something so dear, you realize that other people are dealing with the same situation. And the part that’s missing from you is you’re not sharing your experiences with anybody else. Everybody’s got a story that’s worth hearing.” -Will Ramsey   

12:49 “Focus forward on what’s in front of you and what God has for you and do not long back on what’s behind you. You can glance back but you can’t long back.” 

17:50 “Lives change because of a story.”-Will Ramsey 

24:20 “When you’re vulnerable and you tell your story, you never know who you’re gonna help… People will pay you money to tell your story because it’s gonna bring healing to them.” –Daniel Gomez

26:36 “Until you take those first steps, that’s when the answers are going to show up.” –Daniel Gomez

28:33 “You need to do what you have been called to do. What you can change the world with— you go do it. Stop letting people keep you from trying to do that.” -Will Ramsey 

29:16 “We kill our dreams because of other people’s opinions… Your dream is for you.  So follow the dream.”  –Daniel Gomez

30:39 “You have to get up and do the things that are going to have a positive impact on what it is that you’re trying to do. And you got to do them every single day. You can’t take a day off.” -Will Ramsey 

32:09 “Don’t let a temporary circumstance make a permanent decision for you. You can’t control anything else around you. But you can control you.” -Will Ramsey 

32:34 “Whatever God brings you to, He’ll bring you through if you allow Him to.” -Will Ramsey 

34:11 “Take that first step into what it is that God has for you. Focus forward on what it is that you need to and you’re going to be amazed at what’s going to happen.” -Will Ramsey 

35:24 “There’s a dream inside of you dying to come out. Let that dream blossom.” -Daniel Gomez

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