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The Truth You Might Have Missed About Doing Things Your Way with Dr. Dorian Williams Sr.

What are your plans for tomorrow? We love to be prepared for the future, doing things in our power to break away from past experiences we don’t want to repeat. But are we forgetting something? Tune in to this week’s enlightening conversation with Daniel and your Strategy Brother Dr. Dorian Williams Sr. Most people are familiar with the line “Our Father in the Heavens… Give us today our DAILY bread” from the model prayer found at Matthew. But what does that mean in our life and how does it affect our view of the future and how we live everyday? Hear new perspectives that will change how you reframe your life, use your gifts, overcome the fear of lack, fight complacency, and go back to a place of faith. Knowing Who’s in charge and in control of the unknown is a comfort and assurance to us. Now, all you have to do is ENJOY TODAY! 

“You can have a plan for tomorrow, but don't be so planned for tomorrow that you don’t enjoy today.” - Dr. Dorian Williams Sr.

Episode Highlights

06:02 Don’t Worry About Tomorrow

09:32 Keep Moving Forward & Humble Yourself

16:26 Trust God In Everything

24:39 Plan For Tomorrow, But Enjoy TODAY!

28:20 Give God The Glory

30:41 Visions & Goals

36:51 God Blesses Himself

About Dr. Dorian Williams Sr.

Lt. Col (retired) Dorian R. Williams, Sr. is proudly the Air Force’s first-ever black man to receive a direct commission as an Aerospace Physiologist. Dorian has three master’s degrees and earned his Ph.D. by the age of 33. Dr. Williams is a man of faith and has pastored, planted, or overseen a host of dynamic and multicultural ministries in the U.S., Japan, Manila, West Africa, Guam, and Italy. Also, an entrepreneur and business accelerator—Dorian has launched successful nonprofits, businesses, and has partnered with civic leaders on multi-million-dollar community development projects. Known a Strategy Brother, “Coach D” has created a unique and trademarked methodology which has produced successful authors, corporate professionals, consultants, nonprofit ventures, and much more.

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10:33 “As long as we operate within our capacity, you can do things you’ve been doing. It’s your talent.” -Dr. Dorian Williams, Sr. 

11:56 “Break away from the norm and be okay with the shift.” -Dr. Dorian Williams, Sr. 

26:41 “Tomorrow’s important, but it has no value. The only valuable season we have is right NOW.”  –  Dr. Dorian Williams, Sr.  

26:57 “You can have a plan for tomorrow, but don’t be so planned for tomorrow that you don’t enjoy today.” – Dr. Dorian Williams, Sr. 

35:45 “I’m so glad that God didn’t elevate me and promote me into new seasons…Because it makes me appreciate the winter, the fall, the spring, the summer, because I know seasons are going to change.” – Dr. Dorian Williams, Sr. 

39:02 “You’re not taking YOU to work. God is taking himself to where He works, and He’s using your gifts to bless other people around you. You’re just along with the ride. Enjoy it!” – Dr. Dorian Williams, Sr. 

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