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December 15, 2020
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December 29, 2020

Manifest What You Want Through the Power of Your Mind with Chantelle Simone

Did you know that your mind has something to do with your desired outcomes? That’s how incredibly life-altering the mind is. Today, Daniel and Mindologist, Chantelle Simone help us unleash the power of the mind and spirit. Chantelle defines what knowledge means, how the mind and spirit are connected, how to design your life, and why we should follow the golden rule to staying congruent. Designing your life is like a game. You must work your mind to unlock a new and higher version of yourself. It’s a prerequisite to getting what you want. If you’re ready to reveal unending possibilities for yourself, be sure to listen to today’s conversation!

"Everything that you're attracted to is already attracted to you. It's attracted to a version of you. Grow to different versions of you and that's how you get what you want." -Chantelle Simone

Episode Highlights

02:37 The Mind Portal

06:11 Mind and Spirit

15:54 What Makes Manifestation Work  

21:32 Say It The Way You Want It!

27:57 How to Attract What You Want

32:32 What Version of Yourself Are You In?    

39:33 Your Blessing is Somebody Else’s Miracle

About Chantelle Simone

Chantelle Simone is your Mindologist who shares how to remove the frustration of having repeat problems in life, the anxiety of having to keep up with perceived success on the outside, but feeling empty on the inside or the anticipation of being able to achieve more out of life. Learn how to use the most powerful tool given to men & women — the mind — to overcome obstacles and be truly fulfilled by living your God-given purpose. She uses mind-body-spirit techniques to help achieve desired results that awaken and shifts you to a life of PURPOSE.

chantelle s2

02:53 “The mind is a portal. It is the converter for things that we know, we feel, we see in the spiritual world, to be able to wield it here in the physical world.” -Chantelle Simone

07:15 “It’s not that we don’t know about spiritual things. It’s just a deeper understanding is necessary.” -Chantelle Simone

13:18 “Your thoughts are language in the spiritual world.” -Chantelle Simone

17:19 “Most people if they’re not achieving the results through manifestation, there’s something called self-sabotage.” -Chantelle Simone

18:25 “What you do must be congruent with what you say, which must be congruent with what you believe, which must be congruent with who you are.” -Chantelle Simone

27:45 “Everything that you’re attracted to is already attracted to you. It’s attracted to a version of you. Grow to different versions of you and that’s how you get what you want.” -Chantelle Simone

40:21 “Your growth is not only for you, because as you progress, it is blessing other people.” -Chantelle Simone