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Reinvent Yourself to Your Own Success with Madeline Faiella

Have you ever doubted yourself thinking you can’t be anything big? Well, today’s the day you hear something that will blow your mind! Join in as Daniel and Madeline Faiella talk about how you can be the “diva” in your own story. Madeline shares how you can reinvent yourself with a view of productivity, make yourself responsible for your deservingness, resist the urge to sabotage your progress and find your identity. Also, learn how you can train yourself to see good, be motivated by your words, and view your weaknesses as assets. Let your brain know you are in control. Remember that you are bigger than the obstacles before you. If you’re tired, don’t quit, rest. Tune in and be amazed at what little things can do! 

"We're afraid because when we see something unfamiliar, we think it's bigger than us. But we are bigger than anything." -Madeline Faiella

Episode Highlights

02:27 Give Yourself Credit 

06:14 One New Thing

11:32 The Question of Deservingness

15:18 Why the Self-Sabotage

19:55 Who Are You?  

23:42 The Appetizer Principle

28:13 Train Yourself to See Good

31:47 You Are Bigger Than Anything

38:03 Don’t Quit, Just Rest  

About Madeline Faiella

Madeline Faiella, CEO/FOUNDER of Madeline Faiella, LLC, d/b/d Standing Ovation Consulting, is a public and sought after online speaker, certified strategic coach, entrepreneurial coach/mentor, and international co-author in Courage Under Siege, Volume V.  She is no B.S. no fluff and has high-level perseverance, is a reinvention expert and an experience-based facilitator.

High heels and laughing a lot, she believes in Whole Person Coaching due to the gaps she had to leap over or fall through in her life, and through her own journey of being rather than doing, doing to be and tying it all up so that income becomes just as high end as great mentality.  She is a force with a few superpowers – her clients love them all.

madeline f

11:51 “Working on yourself isn’t something you do. It’s a forever deal.” -Madeline Faiella

17:16 “There’s nothing wrong with wanting things as long as your heart knows that you will do good with those things.”-Madeline Faiella

20:21 “We are not what we do. We are the being  that is doing it.” -Madeline Faiella

21:54 “You can’t allow anyone else until you allow yourself.” -Madeline Faiella

26:23 “No one’s put any wall for us to hit except us.” -Madeline Faiella

28:13 “We naturally go to what’s wrong. We have to train ourselves to go to what’s good.” -Madeline Faiella

32:14 “We’re afraid because when we see something unfamiliar, we think it’s bigger than us. But we are bigger than anything.” -Madeline Faiella

40:31 “Words do not have power. Words are power.” -Madeline Faiella

42:22 “Do not follow the flock. Be your own leader.” -Madeline Faiella

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