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Embracing the Sting— Overcoming Rejection and Betrayal with Dr. Oliver Reid

Rejection and betrayal are harrowing experiences, but they do not define an individual’s worth or future. Though they cause emotional turbulence, they can also lead to an improved understanding of oneself, resilience building, and personal growth. By not trying to dodge the bullet, but embracing the sting and using it as a springboard, we can overcome the discouragement and hurt from these experiences. 

This week, Daniel interviews Dr. Oliver Reid, the CEO, and Owner of I Am a Solution Consulting Firm, LLC. Join the conversation as they share lessons about outliving the storm, taking ownership of the trauma, giving grace in the thought process, the coward’s way out, seeing the good in everybody, finding a place where you are appreciated and not tolerated, the power of persistence and letting go, and saying “no” to retaliation.

"You're not what you touched or what has touched you. But you are imprinted by what you hold on to.” —Dr. Oliver Reid

Episode Highlights
  • 01:26 Facing Betrayal and Hurt
  • 10:46 “No” Reveals a Person’s True Character
  • 16:28 The Coward’s Way Out
  • 20:43 How to Deal with Rejection
  • 25:18 Appreciated Not Tolerated
  • 29:37 Do Not Think Retaliation
  • 36:24 The Power of Persistence 
  • 41:27 It’s Okay to Outgrow People


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Connect with Dr. Oliver:

Dr. Oliver T. Reid is an international multi-bestselling and award-winning author, motivational speaker, and the founder and president of I Am a Solution Consulting Firm, LLC, a human development organization providing specialized relationship, business consulting, counseling, and coaching services. Known as “The Writing Coach,” he uses cutting-edge writing coaching techniques to help Entrepreneurs, Speakers, and Coaches while leading them to live to their highest potential.

In addition, he is the creator of the revolutionary interactive card game for singles and couples, The InnerView™. Within the past seven years, Dr. Reid has published 25 bestselling books, contributed to 12 anthologies, and has won multiple awards for his literary work, including the 2016 IALA Distinction of Excellence Legendary Honoree and NAACP 2016-2017 Black Men Image Award. Dr. Oliver T. Reid has had the distinct honor of speaking to millions around the world and coaching individuals on four continents. Dr. Reid has been featured on HuffPost, Black Enterprise, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Roku TV, and other international media outlets. 


05:51 “A lot of times we take ownership for certain things in our lives that we had nothing to do with.” —Dr. Oliver Reid

07:53 “Wanting to get revenge back is not the answer. You’re thinking about the short satisfaction, but sometimes the wisdom in this is to be patient and let things unfold.” —Daniel Gomez 

08:54 “You have a right to say ‘I don’t understand’.” —Dr. Oliver Reid

10:15 “People say things because they hear a lot of people say things.” —Daniel Gomez 

12:42 “When somebody tells you ‘no’, your ‘yes’ will it get better.” —Dr, Oliver Reid  

13:18 “When someone shows you who they really are, believe them.” —Daniel Gomez 

13:53 “Sometimes rejection is God’s protection.” —Daniel Gomez 

18:21 “We live in a time of sensationalism where people are taught to feel and don’t think. Not thinking about how the person may feel on the other side has damaged communication.” —Dr. Oliver Reid  

24:23 “Maybe they don’t know the value of who I am. And maybe I need to move so that they can learn a lesson.” —Dr. Oliver Reid

29:24 “The biggest thing that we have to overcome is that inner me.” —Dr. Oliver Reid 

30:40 “You could be right but standing in the wrong.” —Dr. Oliver Reid

32:13 “You’re not what you touched or what has touched you. But you are imprinted by what you hold on to.” —Dr. Oliver Reid

35:37 “The process makes perfect.” —Dr. Oliver Reid

39:24 “Quit ignoring the first sign.” —Dr. Oliver Reid

40:03 “Sometimes, the people that say you’re selfish are probably the most selfish themselves.” —Daniel Gomez

40:41 “Don’t miss a skill for being successful. The ability to succeed is not measured in financial capacity as it is with character sustainability.” —Dr. Oliver Reid

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