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How to Effectively Plan Your Growth with Tonya Gossage

Managing our growth effectively is crucial to the long-term success of our business or chosen career. Therefore, the best way forward lies in strategically planning our growth. Having a growth plan provides us with the clarity and direction necessary for a scalable and sustainable expansion. 

With over three decades in the financial services industry, Tonya Gossage boasts an extensive career profile. With her career marked with leadership responsibilities, Tonya brings a vast array of experience, from customer service to corporate training. 

Listen in as Daniel and Tonya share the reason behind underperformance, how we can build self-confidence, the power of visualization, and how we can make ourselves qualified for the next level of success. Additionally, they discuss how we can grow our bandwidth to handle our growth, how training others to do our job is a crucial part of our growth, what circumstances might require us to take a step back, and why we need to set our nonnegotiables.  

“If you want a career and you want to be wealthy, there are sacrifices you have to make. It takes a while to have the true freedom life that you want and deserve.” —Tonya Gossage

Episode Highlights
  • 02:41 The Culprit Behind Underperformance
  • 08:41 The Power of Visualization
  • 15:52 Determination and Willingness 
  • 22:23 Grow Your Bandwidth 
  • 30:03 Start Something Brandnew 
  • 35:10 Train Your Replacement  
  • 40:13 Learn to Walk Away


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Connect with Tonya:

Tonya Gossage brings a wealth of experience to the table, having been an executive in the financial services industry for over 30 years. Her expansive career spans an impressive 34 years, during which she led teams for community and regional banks across various practice areas. Her expertise is comprehensive, covering everything from customer service to training.

Remarkably, Tonya held an executive position at a regional bank for eight years, during which the bank enjoyed a solid reputation as the highest-performing bank nationwide. This firsthand experience equips her with a unique perspective and specialized skills that can be leveraged to significantly elevate your financial institution’s performance, facilitating outstanding results and a leading edge in the competitive landscape.


02:43 “[People] underperform number one because they don’t have the confidence in themselves.” —Tonya Gossage  

04:28 “People can feel that from you whether you lack confidence or you have that self-confidence.” —Daniel Gomez

06:14 “Just a little bit of progress is progress.” —Tonya Gossage

07:41 “If you already won once before, use that momentum to push you forward. Don’t be hard on yourself.” –Daniel Gomez

17:08 “There are people out there that want what you want. But they’re not willing to do what you’re willing to do to go get it.” —Tonya Gossage

27:47 “If you want a career and you want to be wealthy, there are sacrifices you have to make. It takes a while to have the true freedom life that you want and deserve.” —Tonya Gossage 

37:36 “Never not have someone who could replace you in your role.” —Tonya Gossage