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Stop Tripping Yourself Up— How to Overcome Self-Sabotage with Kandy Windom

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle to our success and happiness is ourselves. Often, self-sabotage is a result of fear— fear of failure, fear of success, or fear of change. Even if we deeply yearn for success, these fears can lead us to act in ways that guarantee the opposite. The sad thing is, most people are not aware that they are doing it. While self-sabotage can be a tough cycle to break, remembering that we are the master of our own minds can help us redefine our life and our story. 

For KW Coaching Founder and CEO, Kandy Windom, empowerment is the keyword. Her ultimate aspiration is to enable entrepreneurs, more specifically Latino entrepreneurs, to excel in their chosen paths, to become fearless leaders, influential communicators, and, indeed, sales warriors. Kandy recognizes that this vibrant community too often encounters barriers in the business world. As such, she made it her relentless mission to provide Latino entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to smash these obstacles and defy the odds. 

Listen in as Daniel and Kandy talk about how being bilingual can give you more power as an entrepreneur and how having confidence in ourselves can impact our outcomes. They also talk about how procrastination sabotages our self-confidence, how to turn negative remarks into a stepping stone, how commitment can help us overcome a lot of barriers in our journey, and how to overcome fears that can lead us to self-sabotage. 

“Whatever the fear is, do it anyway.” —Kandy Windom

Episode Highlights
  • 02:08 Helping Latino Entrepreneurs
  • 06:02 First, Believe
  • 13:01 Beware of Self-Sabotage
  • 18:22 The Power of Self-Belief
  • 22:51 Be Committed
  • 27:56 The Need for Tough Love 
  • 35:09 Do It Anyway


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Connect with Kandy:

Kandy Windom, MA, born in Cali, Colombia, is a mother of three and married for 22 years, family-oriented, a traveler and a huge believer in living NOW. Kandy is the CEO and founder of KW Coaching Group and LEAD 100 Mastermind a graduate of Webster University with a Master’s in Human Resources. She is also a facilitator, speaker, and trainer, with expertise in talent development for over two decades. Twenty years ago, Kandy had a transformational event that changed her life forever. 

With her passion for growing and celebrating life, Kandy shares her wisdom through her coaching and training programs that have influenced and touched many people around the world. She has been trained by Tony Robbins, Gran

Cardone, Brendon Burchard, Daymond John (From Shark Tank), Dean Graziosi, and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Kandy Windom is a recognized leadership expert, speaker, coach, and author with 15 years of experience as a human resource professional. She has trained more than 2,000 women leaders. Every year she speaks to Fortune 500 companies and women's summits. Windom has written one book “Chosen” and has been invited to interview for multiple podcasts and shows. She has achieved excellent results with diverse clients nationwide and internationally. With a vision to

empower the way businesses think, act, and operate, she teams up with leaders and

organizations in nearly every industry to help transform company culture and create a better working world. 

She is a world changer and super energetic. One of the things about her is that she loves volunteering. She is a Business Mentor with SCORE where she helps their clients gain clarity in their purpose and helps them become more effective leaders/CEO for their businesses. And one more, she also volunteers as a Senior Leader in all Tony Robbins events.


03:13 “We got to walk in the gift that God has given us. So many times we try to walk in somebody else’s gift.” —Daniel Gomez  

03:28“You don’t want to sound ordinary because you’re amazing.” —Daniel Gomez 

13:33 “We are all the same. We are having the same struggles, the same fears, the same journey. We’re all evolving at the same different pace in our life, in our journey as a professional and as business owners.” —Kandy Windom 

15:04 “We are in the progress of learning.” —Kandy Windom

16:29 “We always look for validation. But that communication comes from within. You are the only one who’s going to validate your work. If you have a strong belief in yourself and that you are enough, whatever people say around you means nothing to you.” —Kandy Windom

26:10 “The hunger is super important because if you don’t have that, you will fall off.” —Kandy Windom 

31:47 “If you ever have this belief that everyone has to like and comment for you to be able to run a business, it is not the right thing. It has got to be on you.” —Kandy Windom 

35:24 “Whatever the fear is, do it anyway.” —Kandy Windom