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Paint the Future— 3 Ways to Shape Your Business Success with JR Spear

We are the artist of our life and the canvas is ours to fill. But painting our future is more than just a change in our mindset— it’s an actionable process. Every strategic decision, innovation, and effort we put into building our business acts as brushstrokes that shape our outcomes. However, there is one thing we must overcome to turn our masterpiece into the best it can be— ambush. By being prepared for the unexpected, we can create a work of art that only we can create. 

This week, Daniel sits with CREED Consulting Founder, JR Spear. While serving as a marine, JR nearly lost his life because of a suicide bomber. Although he was just seven feet from the explosion, JR was able to walk away unscathed. His extensive training enabled him to act decisively and extend help to others who were impacted by the blast. JR channeled this preparedness and adaptability into his entrepreneurial endeavors, guiding business owners to success by equipping them with the skills to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. 

Listen in as JR shares more of his experience growing up learning how to serve others, being prepared for anything, and shaping the success of our business. Daniel and JR also discuss the importance of having the willingness to commit and recommit if needed, cultivating the CREED core values, the power of visualization, changing our outcomes through our response, and how investing in ourselves speaks much about us as business leaders.

“Being an entrepreneur takes a particular breed… You can't just show up and do mediocre work if you want to be a millionaire.” —JR Spear

Episode Highlights
  • 02:08 Learning How to Teach
  • 07:01 Taking Advantage of a Second Chance
  • 12:22 The CREED Values
  • 18:03 Change Your Outcomes 
  • 24:04 Your Close Circle
  • 28:12 Invest in a Coach
  • 32:08 Paint Your Future
  • 36:08 3 Ways to Impact Your Business  
  • 40:35 Live Your Life in Power, Love, and Sound Mind


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Connect with JR:

JR Spear is a resilient entrepreneur and the founder of CREED Consulting and Business Leaders Network. Having survived a suicide bombing at a walking checkpoint in Barwana, Iraq on February 7, 2007, JR returned from the scorching desert with a renewed sense of purpose. Since then, he has successfully built multiple businesses across diverse industries, including fitness, martial arts, marketing, advertising, and consulting.

Dedicated to empowering small business owners, JR’s mission is to provide them with the essential tools and resources needed to flourish. By sharing his own experiences and the lessons he’s learned along the way, he aims to help entrepreneurs avoid the struggles he endured, allowing them to realize their desired life and business goals.

Since 2017, JR has been instrumental in helping hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve remarkable growth in their businesses. By implementing the STEPS framework (Structure, Technology, Efficiencies, Processes, and Scalability), he has enabled them to double, quintuple, and even decuple their businesses.

As a sought-after presenter, JR captivates audiences of all sizes by sharing personal stories and life experiences that not only drive his points home but also keep his audience engaged and attentive. Attendees leave their sessions with practical, actionable steps they can implement beyond the presentation, further enriching their entrepreneurial journey.


08:07 “Sometimes when people sign up for the military, they don’t really realize that you’re signing an agreement that you might not come back home one day.” —Daniel Gomez

09:34 “In our business, we need to understand that there are going to be days and times that we are going to get ambushed. Meaning there’s going to be something that takes us by surprise. And if we’re not prepared or ready to react without thinking, then we’re not going to be able to survive that.”  —JR Spear

10:45 “You can create those opportunities but you got to sacrifice the things that it takes to actually build to it to be able to get you to that point. But you got to first make that choice.” —JR Spear 

11:00 “Being an entrepreneur takes a particular breed… You can’t just show up and do mediocre work if you want to be a millionaire.” —JR Spear   

12:19 “Not only do you have to commit, but there are even times where you got to recommit.” —Daniel Gomez

13:51 “You have to show up giving your best all the time to separate you from your marketplace.” —JR Spear

14:31 “Sometimes, you can get a level of success and then your resilience wears off because you get comfortable and you get satisfied.” —Daniel Gomez

15:09 “Action creates momentum that leads to success. But everything starts with a vision.” —JR Spear

16:14 “Set your vision higher than what you think is so scary that it seems almost impossible to achieve. Because when you do that, you’re going to work that much harder, you’re going to have that much resilience, and you’re never going to quit.” —JR Spear

18:29 “The way that you respond can change the entire outcome of any situation.” —JR Spear

20:44 “A leader is not someone that just motivates a leader is someone that helps someone move to create action and to make a difference.” —JR Spear

24:04 “You’re only as strong as the people around you and that you surround yourself.” —JR Spear

28:46“It’s really hard to sell something at a certain price if you have never been willing to invest that amount in you.” —JR Spear

36:32 “You first have to have the right offer that’s gonna help get you where to go because most people are not selling at the price that they need to to be able to get there. They undercharged themselves; they don’t believe in their worth and of what they have.” —JR Spear 

37:21 “Your message needs to match your offer. And then make sure that it’s very clear because a confused mind is never going to buy.” —JR Spear