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Self-Love or Shame— What Motivates Your Actions? with Shawn French

Self-love is not a destination or end point but rather a continuous escalation into personal mastery. And along this path, we are confronted by two profound emotions: love and shame. These heavy hitters can steer our actions in very different directions and outcomes. By evaluating our motivations, we can make the necessary changes to achieve what we want in life and be where we want to be in our journey. 

The author of Unstoppable and host of The Determined Society Podcast, Shawn French, came to the understanding that despite his positive behavior, his underlying motivations stemmed from self-embarrassment. Gradually, Shawn taught himself to meet his own shortcomings with compassion and leniency. Currently, he lends his insights as a coach to athletes, guiding them in cultivating self-love as they endeavor to achieve their objectives. 

Join in as Daniel and Shawn share their wisdom in coping with feelings of surrender, exhaustion from pain and unending adversities, and discouragement from past mistakes. They also talk about how unreleased emotions affect our confidence and drive, how our perception affects our reality, why we need to get rid of the old us, and how our environment controls our progress. 

“You do not want it to come easy, because if it does, it wasn't worth a damn thing.” —Shawn French

Episode Highlights
  • 05:11 Get Real with Yourself
  • 11:51 Be Comfortable Being With Yourself
  • 15:34 Love or Shame?
  • 21:27 The Problem: Perception 
  • 29:14 Get Rid of the Old 
  • 35:12 Create Your Own Environment  
  • 38:38 One at a Time


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Connect with Shawn:

Shawn French, the host of The Determined Society Podcast, is an inspiring and experienced speaker who is deeply passionate about personal development and self-motivation. With a dynamic and engaging presence, Shawn has the unique ability to connect with his audience and ignite a sense of determination within them.

Shawn’s journey toward personal growth and achievement has shaped his perspective and fueled his desire to empower others. He has overcome numerous challenges and obstacles in his own life, which has given him a deep understanding of the struggles individuals face on their own paths to success.

With a natural talent for storytelling, Shawn shares his own experiences and lessons learned with authenticity and vulnerability. He believes in the power of storytelling as a means to inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams and unleash their full potential.

As a thought leader in the field of personal development, Shawn has interviewed a wide range of successful individuals from various industries on The Determined Society Podcast. He carefully selects guests who have achieved remarkable accomplishments and can offer valuable insights and strategies for personal growth. Through these interviews, Shawn creates a platform for his audience to learn from the journeys and wisdom of others.

Shawn’s warm and empathetic demeanor creates a welcoming space for guests and listeners alike. He fosters an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and positivity, which resonates with his audience and contributes to the overall uplifting nature of the podcast.

With his genuine passion for helping others succeed, Shawn French embodies the spirit of The Determined Society Podcast. He strives to motivate individuals to embrace their determination, overcome challenges, and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.


06:16 “There’s a tipping point. Get real with yourself. Are you doing everything you possibly can in the things that you can control?” —Shawn French 

10:56 “When you’re alone, that’s either you rise to the next level or you fall and you self-sabotage yourself.” —Daniel Gomez

18:38 “When you look at your life and you’re like, ‘Do I have everything I want?’ If the answer is ‘no’, it’s because there’s a program deeply, deeply ingrained in your mind that needs to be rewired.” —Shawn French  

22:31 “For every bad decision you make, it sets you up for that domino effect— another bad decision and another bad decision.” —Shawn French

28:02 “You have to give yourself permission to evolve.” —Daniel Gomez  

29:00 “You will not receive the new if you don’t get rid of the old.” —Daniel Gomez

31:29 “You’re going to lose some people. But you’re not going to lose your people.” —Daniel Gomez  

35:14 “Create your own weather, create your own environment. You need to be as equally inspirational in their positive environment as they are in yours.” —Shawn French 

36:22 “Our fears are nothing more than just stories. And what we need to do is commit to jumping off that yacht, because there’s a lesson once you hit that water.” —Shawn French

39:45 “Stop looking at the whole picture and trying to get it done right now. Just do one thing right now.” —Shawn French 

41:41 “You do not want it to come easy, because if it does, it wasn’t worth a damn thing.” —Shawn French