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Seek Your Truth and Live a Life You Believe In with Rocky Garza

Often, we find ourselves claiming a life borrowed from the tales told by others. We embrace the beliefs and standards they set because it is the only path we see when we lack clarity. 

But the truth, no matter how harsh, creates a sense of relief knowing that we have been responsibly accountable for our experiences, our mistakes, our learnings, and our growth. It’s true that turning the page can be challenging, but a life that is truly lived is one that is authentically ours rather than a copy of someone else’s. 

In this episode, Daniel sits with Rocky Garza, the COO of Croft & Frost. Join this insightful conversation as they discuss how our fears can manifest without us realizing, how we can find where we are most efficient, the distinction between management and leadership, the importance of acknowledging our pain, how we can take back control in our life, and what living a life with deep conviction really means. 

“The opportunity is yours. The chances are in your hands, you have a chance to do something and change your life today. But if you want to change anything, you got to change something you do daily. And maybe today is the day you take a little action.” —Rocky Garza

Episode Highlights
  • 02:10 The Truth Connector
  • 07:56 How Are You Growing?
  • 15:11 Management vs Leadership 
  • 20:07 What Hinders Us
  • 26:39 Control What You Can Control Today  
  • 33:14 There is Abundance
  • 37:57 You Are Good 


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Connect with Rocky:

Rocky Garza is extremely good at one thing, helping individuals see the clearest picture of themselves that they’ve ever seen. Clarity about who you are, what you do, and why you do it makes you a better employee, friend, parent, and spouse. How much more focused would you be at your job if you were acutely aware of what your strengths are and how to utilize them best? How much more sure would you feel about making big life decisions knowing that your core values aligned with your choice? Answers to questions like these are what you find working with Rocky.

Currently, Rocky is putting real-time application of his skills, knowledge, and experience to work in his role as COO of a private, financial firm. After graduating with a communications degree from Texas A&M University, Rocky has helped thousands of individuals find their clarity while serving as the director of a youth camp, on the pastoral staff at church, owning and operating multiple creative businesses, and even most recently as an executive identity coach and top business consultant.

In all of his roles, Rocky has had one goal, to challenge the stories we tell ourselves so that we can experience the freedom and confidence of living vulnerably. Clarity, transformation, freedom—that’s why Rocky does what he does. That’s why every one of his coaching sessions, workshops, and keynotes can be boiled down to one simple truth: that who you are is good.


04:45 “Our kids are great mirrors to us in our life. When our kid does something that reflects back the truth to us.” —Rocky Garza 

05:10 “We need space, we need a momentary pause to assess what is not good, not bad, not positive, not negative— just a moment of space to say what is… because the awareness is what leads to the opportunity to do something different.” —Rocky Garza

08:00 “People want their business to grow. But they don’t want to grow themself.” —Rocky Garza  

08:35 “Your business will grow at the rate by which you are willing to invest in yourself and others. And most of us don’t want to accept that because that requires work. Yet, the work that is typically not seen or applauded by anybody else tends to be the most life-changing work that we can have in our life.” —Rocky Garza

09:16 “Almost any story that we are telling ourselves that we believe is stopping us from living a life of deep conviction is typically a story that was told to us by someone else, not a story we have written for ourselves.” —Rocky Garza

15:14 “The amount of times that we go into situations, one with no plan to with no goal and three with no language, but we expect a result we’ve yet to define.” —Rocky Garza

17:36 “Pride and ego are simply a manifestation of fear. We’ve just learned to mask that fear and make it tough.” —Rocky Garza  

20:58 “The only way I know to get up if it hurts is that someone has to acknowledge that it hurts… You are removing the opportunity to actually show what to do with hurt and pain and feeling and, and difficulty, and objection.” —Rocky Garza

24:23 “We have feelings. But when we let our feelings control our body, we lose control of our feelings.” —Rocky Garza

25:08 “An out-of-control person is never going to bring an out-of-control person back into control. It’s impossible. A person in chaos is never going to bring another person from chaos back into peace by being in chaos.” —Rocky Garza 

28:06 “Accountability is simply being reminded of what we want, which is why most of us hate accountability. Because we are not being reminded of what we want. We are simply being shamed into being reminded of what we don’t.” —Rocky Garza

28:25 “Most people are pursuing something they don’t actually want in life because they’ve never stopped long enough to determine what it really should be.” —Rocky Garza

31:43 “Sometimes we don’t realize what we’ve done. We don’t realize what we’ve accomplished.” —Daniel Gomez 

34:24 “Stop thinking there’s only a finite amount of whatever that thing is. There’s plenty. Most of us don’t pursue it because we don’t know what we want.” —Rocky Garza

37:31 “The opportunity is yours. The chances are in your hands, you have a chance to do something and change your life today. But if you want to change anything, you got to change something you do daily. And maybe today is the day you take a little action.”  —Rocky Garza

38:22 “You are good. There is a deep inherent value and goodness in us… and most of us most days would benefit from coming back to the simple truth.” —Rocky Garza