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September 3, 2023
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Setting Intentions for Enthusiastic Engagements with Sonny Melendrez

Enthusiasm is not merely a byproduct of good circumstances, but rather a mindset we create. Hence, the crucial role of intentionality. Intentionally choosing enthusiasm— even when mundane things seem to put you on autopilot or when circumstances are challenging— shifts our focus from what’s wrong to what’s possible. But how can we consciously cultivate this attitude? 

This week, we welcome Sonny Melendrez, a legendary TV and radio personality, author, and motivational speaker. Listen in as Sonny shares life lessons about spreading positivity from his decades-long career in media and his journey to becoming a sought-after keynote speaker. Daniel and Sonny also discuss the 3 pillars of cultivating intentional enthusiasm, the power of a smile, the importance of vision and gratitude, and ultimately how to develop a heart for helping others with an optimistic mindset.

“We are never happier than when we are in the service of others.” —Sonny Melendrez

Episode Highlights
  • 02:06 From Media to Speaking 
  • 09:24 The Importance Of Gratitude 
  • 11:12 Helping Others In Need 
  • 14:12 Generosity Of San Antonians 
  • 19:12 Developing A Heart For Others 
  • 22:09 Being Too Busy 
  • 25:29 The Power Of Smiling 
  • 34:21 Developing Intentional Enthusiasm 
  • 38:46 Connecting With Sonny Melendrez


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Connect with Sonny:

Sonny Melendrez is in the business of inspiration.

Motivating others has always been an important element in the life of this dynamic radio and television personality, author, and inspirational speaker.

Twice named Billboard Magazine‘s “National Radio Personality of the Year,” his enthusiasm for life is evident as a host of local and national radio and television programs. He was presented the National Hispanic Radio Personality of the Year Award by Ricardo Montalban, then president of the National Nosotros Organization. In 2003, he was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame and is included in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the Top 100 Radio Personalities of All-Time.


07:08 “Gratitude is a pillar of everything that we do.” —Sonny Melendrez 

11:04 “There are a lot of things that will ground us and remind us: ‘Aren’t we the lucky ones?’” —Sonny Melendrez

14:18 “Sometimes we forget that we’re human beings at the end of the day, and every human being matters to God.” —Daniel Gomez 

16:06 “We are never happier than when we are in the service of others.” —Sonny Melendrez

18:59 “This generosity of human beings is everywhere. We all have that in us. We need only to be asked and only to be allowed to have that ability to give.” —Sonny Melendrez

19:45 “You can’t have a random act of kindness without touching 50 people. Everything you do is appreciated by the person who receives that kindness. But there’s a third element and that is the person who watches or hears about it.” —Sonny Melendrez

22:01 “We can have so much influence on someone else because our example is really the best teacher.” —Sonny Melendrez

24:33 “Some people have the greatest smiles and they never use it. A smile is like human sunshine.” —Sonny Melendrez 

30:11 “Vision is so powerful. It will accelerate what it is you’re trying to accomplish, no matter what it is, especially if you’re trying to accomplish it for somebody else.” —Sonny Melendrez   

32:39 “Have the belief that you have the capability within yourself to deliver a superior product or superior service to your clients, and really go above and beyond for them.” —Daniel Gomez 

34:29 “You can’t really motivate anybody. You can inspire them to motivate themselves.” —Sonny Melendrez