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Turn Discipline and Habits Into a Success Toolkit with Arturo Johnson

You possess the power to transform aspiration into reality. But it’s not a top secret to do so. It’s something you might already be doing or at least something you intend to add to your routine— developing success habits. 

There’s no better way to lay a foundation for success than to develop disciplines and habits that align with our objectives. Discipline is the bedrock of our success.  It gives us the liberty to maintain unwavering focus on our goals and disregard distractions. Habits, on the other hand, are the building blocks that lead us step by step to our goals. By transforming daily activities into productive habits, we can create a profound impact on our journey. 

This week, Daniel Gomez sits with Arturo Johnson, a Client Acquisition Expert, Facebook Ads Expert, and Top Consultant for financial professionals. Listen in as Arturo shares his morning routine for success and how this helps him stay motivated and on track. Daniel and Arturo also discussed why most people don’t see results, the four levels of learning, the need for revenue and momentum in business, the importance of having the right mindset, skills, and tools, and the value of developing disciplines and habits in building a strong foundation for lasting success.

“Anticipation is something that empowers you when you get excited… So you want to put yourself in a position to anticipate a favorable outcome. That would then give you the power to take action.” —Arturo Johnson

Episode Highlights
  • 01:09 Consulting in the Digital Market 
  • 04:53 The Number One Enemy of Momentum
  • 11:24 Relating Business Success to Universal Principles of Physics
  • 15:41 Developing Strong Character for Long-Term, Sustainable Success
  • 22:28 Arturo’s Powerful Morning Routine for Visualizing Goals
  • 30:58 Surrounding Yourself with Success Before Bed for Anticipation


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Connect with Arturo:

Arturo Johnson is a business growth consultant teaching authors, speakers, coaches, and high-level entrepreneurs how to create, convey, and convert clients faster and better than any coach in the world. While other coaches are doing their best to help clients make six figures in years, Arturo and his team are helping our clients make a six-figure income in months.


05:00 “Note-takers are money-makers.” —Arturo Johnson

06:36 “The challenge with the things just being in your mind is that it’s just a thought. And when it’s just a thought, it is clumped up with all the other things that you have going on.” —Arturo Johnson

07:46 “When you write things down, that shows that you are committed because the first thing you need to do is get clear on your goal.” 

08:26 “The first level of learning is tactics… the second is strategies… the third is principles, and then the highest is essence.” —Arturo Johnson

15:26 “Most people don’t stay consistent enough because they’re not seeing the results which is the challenge for being an entrepreneur. But you have to work in spite of seeing the results immediately.” —Arturo Johnson

18:24 “We’re human. We start to use a motion to justify what’s going on. But you have to have some level of objectiveness.” —Arturo Johnson 

20:00 “You have to have the right expectation that when you first start something, you’re probably going to suck. It’s probably going to take a little while. But you need to have the right perception. The guarantee is that if you stick with this long enough and do it the right way, success is inevitable for you.” —Arturo Johnson

26:56 “If you have clarity in your goals, and then you speak those things over your life as if they have already happened, this is probably one of the most transformational things and you can tell.” —Arturo Johnson

32:43 “Anticipation is something that empowers you when you get excited… So you want to put yourself in a position to anticipate a favorable outcome. That would then give you the power to take action.” —Arturo Johnson