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September 17, 2023
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October 1, 2023

How Your Body Shapes Your Mindset and Success with Lila Veronica

Our physical form has the ability to send signals to our brain about how we feel about ourselves. This is because our brains interpret these physical cues as signs of self-assurance and attractiveness, leading to increased self-esteem and a more positive outlook. 

In this powerful episode, Daniel and Mindful Movement Coach, Leila Veronica talk about how the way we hold our physical form impacts our mindset, relationships, health, and ability to achieve our goals. They also discuss daily practices that can boost our energy and outlook, how releasing resentment through forgiveness can transform life challenges like illness, the “3 H’s” powerful stance that can uplift our presence, how consciously carrying ourselves affects how the world sees us, and how to remove internal “static” that holds us back from reaching our potential.

“You deserve to feel good. You deserve to receive the gifts that are coming to you.” —Lila Veronica

Episode Highlights
  • 01:31 The Mindful Movement Coach Lila Veronica
  • 09:57 Three Easy Ways To Boost Your Mind-Body Connection
  • 13:57 Loosening Up Leads To Cash Flowing In 
  • 17:06 The Door To Your Potential
  • 21:00 The Path to Health, Wealth, and Fulfillment
  • 28:00 Transform Your Life with Questions 
  • 35:00 Cheerleading Your Way to Victory


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Connect with Lila:

As a Speaker, Coach, and CEO of The Riverstone Movement School, Lila Veronica helps high-performers, business owners & organizational leaders shift the physical component of their lives. She integrates mindfulness & movement into your life-mastery journey so you can reach a greater potential faster without stressing or burning out.

Lila has taught mind-body practices for over 20 years and holds a global vision to connect and uplift visionary leaders around the world. She teaches leaders embodiment practices so they can bring their visions to the world faster.

Through her work, Lila has personally mentored leaders on all 7 continents.


03:22 “What you write down, you remember; what you write down you implement.” —Lila Veronica 

03:44 “How you move through the world, is how the world moves through you.” —Lila Veronica

05:57 “The more we spend time on something, the more we value it.” —Lila Veronica

07:57 “You cannot fix the problem from the same place it came from. If the body piece is not changing, your mindset is not changing.” —Lila Veronica

08:46 “Form dictates function.” —Lila Veronica

14:33 “The millionaire mind goes along with the millionaire body.” —Lila Veronica

19:06 “You deserve to feel good. You deserve to receive the gifts that are coming to you.” —Lila Veronica

23:55 “You can actually create more, receive more, help more people if you’re more conscious in your body and more mindful about your physical form. You will last longer and with greater energy. Nobody wants to get all these success stories and then become too unhealthy to enjoy them.” —Lila Veronica

26:02 “Resentment blocks our creativity and puts us in a destructive mindset because the resentment can change the filter of how you see the world.” —Daniel Gomez

33:28 “Whatever you’ve got going on, you have the power to change it at any moment.” —Lila Veronica