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October 8, 2023

The 3-2-1 of Growth Mindset— Embracing The Power Of Transformation with Michael Silvers

One powerful concept that can greatly contribute to our personal development is the growth mindset. Our abilities, intelligence, and talents are not fixed but rather can be enhanced through dedication, effort, and willingness to learn. 

Embracing a growth mindset allows us to persist in the face of setbacks and see failure as an opportunity to get better. By actively investing in our personal growth, we can enhance our skills, knowledge, and mindset, empowering us to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. 

This week, Michael Silvers joins Daniel for an inspiring discussion on personal growth, business success, and the power of collaboration. Listen in as they discuss the importance of continuous learning, why starting a podcast can help grow your business and message, the role of forgiveness in your growth, how collaboration amplifies your impact, and more! 

“You need three coaches, two mentors, and a mastermind. That's how you become successful.” —Michael Silvers

Episode Highlights
  • 02:28 Navigating Life Transitions 
  • 06:34 How to Invest in Yourself 
  • 11:40 The Power of In-Person Connections and Masterminds
  • 17:25 Why Start a Podcast  
  • 21:40 Growth Mindset and Personal Development 
  • 28:24 The Benefits of Collaboration 
  • 34:05 Personal Growth and Forgiveness


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Connect with Michael:

Michael Silvers is an internationally renowned speaker, entrepreneur, and podcast network owner. He has spoken on stages around the world, sharing his message of personal development, leadership, and business growth. 

Michael got his start in network marketing over 25 years ago and has since built successful coaching and training divisions. He has worked with top personal development companies like Peak Potentials and served as Vice President for Tony Robbins for 18 years. 

Currently, Michael owns Northridge Ventures, a podcast network with over 1.3 million downloads. He is also the Managing Director of Los Angeles Tribune Podcast Network, the Executive Vice President of Global Training at Powerteam International, and a Managing Partner at The Mentors Studio

Michael is passionate about helping others unlock their potential through education and believes in the power of masterminds, mentors, and continual self-investment to achieve success.


05:48 “As you invest in yourself, you stay open. But every time you say, ‘no’,  you close off. And when you close off, it could take you years to come back.” —Michael Silvers 

08:50 “No one helped you or not helped you, you have to take responsibility for everything that you do.” —Michael Silvers  

16:25 “If you have a business, you make it about being of service and it becomes that extension and you have fun.” —Michael Silvers

19:01 “You have to put your voice out there because people can hear your heart when you speak.” —Daniel Gomez 

20:35 “You need three coaches, two mentors, and a mastermind. That’s how you become successful.” —Michael Silvers 

27:38 “There was power in collaboration.” —Daniel Gomez

30:55 “There’s hope even though it seems hopeless.” —Daniel Gomez

34:53 “It’s not about me. It’s about being of service. It’s about walking on that water because you have the faith to keep moving forward and being loved every day.” —Michael Silvers

Contact Michael: