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October 1, 2023
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From Chaos to Capital: How to Shift Your Money Mindset and Overcome Your Biggest Business Blocks with Kortney Murray

In the world of business, success is often determined by more than just knowledge and hard work. It also requires having the right mindset and overcoming any mental blocks that may be holding us back. One crucial aspect of this is our money mindset— how we think about and relate to money. 

In this empowering conversation, Daniel is joined by Kortney Murray, the CEO of Coastal Kapital LLC.  Kortney launched her first clothing store with only cash, then faced devastating losses when a wildfire destroyed her inventory. Rather than giving up, Kortney continued to educate herself on financial tools and strategies. Today, her current work focuses on helping women entrepreneurs access funding and education through her company Coastal Kapital

Listen in as Daniel and Kortney discuss common money mindset blocks that entrepreneurs face, how to scale your biz with business credit, the importance of educating yourself on financial tools and strategies for business, how to make yourself an asset, how to collapse the timeline and accelerate your success, and why setbacks are not failures but character-building lessons to learn and grow from.

“Act like a rhino because rhinos have thick skin and they can't walk backward.” —Kortney Murray

Episode Highlights
  • 02:08 Overcoming the Biggest Money Mindset Blocks
  • 07:12 Who Should You Have in the Front Zone
  • 13:56 Marketing Strategies
  • 18:14 Collapsing Time and Accelerating Success
  • 23:02 Make Yourself an Asset
  • 28:00 Redefining Failure
  • 33:42 Act Like a Rhino


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Connect with Kortney:

Kortney Murray is a remarkable CEO and Founder of Coastal Kapital, an asset-based lender for business financing. She has a history of entrepreneurship, starting from heavy equipment sales to owning a clothing store, giving her diverse insights into business ownership and management. Kortney’s unwavering determination in a male-dominated industry has made her one of the most connected female business leaders, breaking barriers and inspiring others. Her mission is to create successful business partnerships, address entrepreneurial challenges, and navigate the complexities of business financing, making her a true trailblazer and advocate for business owners.


05:27 “You can’t expect to succeed and come into business and keep your playground the same.” —Daniel Gomez 

07:42 “If you’re not talking to somebody who inspires you every day, then you’re doing it wrong.” —Kortney Murray

09:24 “It doesn’t matter if you have the best hot dog in the world. It’s about where you market, so if you can strategically plan to start slow, educate, and scale then it becomes a lot more efficient.” —Kortney Murray

12:24 “Team building and collaboration is the new currency.” —Kortney Murray

14:44 “You can have the best, best, best of the best but if nobody knows about you, what good does it do to you?” —Daniel Gomez

16:22 “We’re not here to turn over on a deal. We want to educate because they’ll come back forever as partnerships. That’s how we grow together.” —Kortney Murray

19:21 “You’re losing the ability to market to anyone if you’re not keeping them interested.” —Kortney Murray

19:55 “We’re supposed to be successful. This life is supposed to be abundant for us. And so everyone should have a piece of it.” —Kortney Murray

22:54 “With a coach, you’re going to shrink the time that it takes to make the mistakes.” —Kortney Murray

24:05 “People don’t take the time to invest in themselves. And that’s where the investment should go before a shiny new piece of equipment.” —Kortney Murray

30:03 “It’s the people around you who help set your mind frame right. So if you have people who believe that you can be, then it’s easier to climb that ladder.” —Kortney Murray 

36:11 “Act like a rhino because rhinos have thick skin and they can’t walk backward.” —Kortney Murray