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October 8, 2023
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Experience Extraordinary Metamorphosis— Embrace Success Within and Beyond with Alka Sharma

Metamorphosis is a beautiful concept that perfectly encapsulates the journey of transforming oneself into something better. But often, it involves stepping out of our cocoon— our comfort zones in order to manifest our growth. It means challenging ourselves, taking risks, and being open to new experiences. And it is through these experiences that we discover our true potential and radiate our inner beauty. 

This week’s episode provides the encouragement to bet on your potential and lead with courage. Listen in as Daniel sits with real estate expert and successful entrepreneur, Alka Sharma, to talk about overcoming doubts and taking bold actions in the face of uncertainties. They also offer valuable advice on pushing through negativity, staying focused on your goals, and allowing your seeds to grow at their own pace. On top of that, Daniel and Alka also discuss key lessons including making it a point to be successful, building confidence in your abilities, and asking for help from mentors. 

“You are not defined by who you are. You are defined by your courage. You are defined by what you stand for. So always lead with courage.” —Alka Sharma

Episode Highlights
  • 03:12 Overcoming the Curveballs
  • 07:13 The Risk of Wasting Time
  • 15:13 How to Expand Your Knowledge Bank
  • 19:20 Push Negativity Away
  • 22:52 The Importance of Changing Your Internal Beliefs 
  • 26:49 How to Avoid Success Distractors
  • 31:03 The Ego Pitfall
  • 38:02 Allow Yourself to Undergo Metamorphosis
  • 41:58 Do Not Strangle Your Business


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Connect with Alka:

Alka Sharma is a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. With over 6 years of experience owning and operating a successful fitness studio, Alka has a strong background in business ownership and management. She is passionate about empowering women and helping them achieve their goals.

In addition to her real estate investing business, Alka is an influential speaker who motivates audiences to unlock their confidence and potential. She draws from her own experience overcoming challenges to build a successful career. Alka believes in the power of positive thinking and staying focused on your goals despite what others may say.

Through her work, social media presence, and women’s empowerment programs, Alka inspires thousands of people every day to pursue their dreams with courage and determination. 

Alka is also an accomplished ballroom dancer, having competed nationally and internationally. She truly enjoyed the highs of dance performance.


05:39 “When life throws you curveballs, there is no other way. You just have to do it because you are the only one in that situation that can propel you to go forward in your life.” —Alka Sharma

08:03 “The biggest lie we tell ourselves is that we have time. We don’t have time. This is one, life one shot.” —Daniel Gomez 

09:40 “It’s always easier to just spectate and then criticize what people are doing.” –Daniel Gomez

12:40 “You got to make it a point to be successful… You need to bet on you because nobody else will.” —Alka Sharma 

15:00 “It doesn’t matter what people say to you on the left or on the right, you need to look forward, look ahead because that’s where the key is to being successful.” —Alka Sharma

18:49 “Questions allow you the growth to expand.” —Alka Sharma

22:11 “When you’re in the picture, you can’t see the frame.” —Alka Sharma

25:48 “You cannot be a ‘we’ person if that ‘me’ person does not want to change.” —Alka Sharma

36:05 “Achieving everything  is you got to give it time… Everything is set for us when it’s supposed to happen. ” —Alka Sharma

44:47 “You are not defined by who you are. You are defined by your courage. You are defined by what you stand for. So always lead with courage.” —Alka Sharma