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October 15, 2023
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October 29, 2023

Commit to a Life Without Limits— How to Master the Art of Giving Without Expectation and Receiving Without Resistance with Benjamin John

Committing to a life without limits begins with mastering the art of giving and receiving. By releasing the need for accolades or reciprocity, we open ourselves up to the true beauty of giving— the pure joy of positively impacting someone’s life. Similarly, learning to receive without resistance helps us nurture our own self-worth while allowing others the gift of giving. 

In this episode, Daniel sits with Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Coach, Benjamin John. Benjamin is all about inspiring entrepreneurs and individuals to stop worrying about outcomes and instead focus on meaningfully connecting with and helping other people experience the freedom that comes from true selflessness.  

This week’s conversation centers around cultivating an attitude of abundance and empathy, where giving and receiving become acts of love rather than transactions. Tune in as Daniel and Benjamin discuss the power of letting go of relationships and seasons that no longer serve your highest purpose; how giving without expectation makes way for new growth; how to let go of insecurities, doubts, and worries completely; and how receiving with gratitude unleashes blessings.

“Let out let in. Let go of all insecurity, uncertainty, doubt, fear, worry, money, relationships… Just be open to receiving anything different that's good.” —Benjamin John

Episode Highlights
  • 01:42 Overcoming Insecurity
  • 05:00 Selling With a Heart
  • 11:56 What Makes Genuine Relationships
  • 15:23 The Power of Giving
  • 20:07 Committed to Success 
  • 34:21 Asking for Help is Growing
  • 30:54 Receiving Without Resistance
  • 35:47 Embrace New Experiences


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Connect with Benjamin:

Benjamin John is an entrepreneur and coach based in Washington. He is the founder of Massive Impact Coaching where he helps people make a massive impact in their lives and businesses. Benjamin believes in living authentically and helping others without expecting anything in return. He advocates letting go of fear, doubt, and worry in order to fully embrace new opportunities. Benjamin aims to serve people in a way that calls out manipulation and uses love to help others, not for personal gain.


06:08 “If it feels wrong, it is. You know what feels right, so lean on those feelings.” —Benjamin John 

07:12 “People want to connect with people. And that has been lost big time.” —Benjamin John

08:13 “Stop wanting things from people and start wanting things for people.” —Daniel Gomez  

11:27 “People can feel when you just want something from them. And when you stop doing that and start helping people, it will come back to you.” —Benjamin John

15:34 “The marketplace will reward you according to the value you deliver to it.” —Daniel Gomez

21:19 “Doing a business without integrity is going to catch up to you. And if you’re sowing seeds of integrity in your business, there’s no way that God’s not going to reward that.” —Daniel Gomez

23:20 “The reason why you are not successful is because you’re chasing it.” —Benjamin John 

27:16 “Don’t look for help. Help is going to come at the exact time when it’s supposed to.” —Benjamin John 

32:12 “You’re going to lose some people, but you’re not going to lose your people.” —Daniel Gomez

34:32 “Something so small will change a life.” —Benjamin John

37:01 “Let out let in. Let go of all insecurity, uncertainty, doubt, fear, worry, money, relationships… Just be open to receiving anything different that’s good.” —Benjamin John

Contact Benjamin: