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Empowered to Inspire: How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Lead a Global Movement with Nicky Cuesta

Self-doubt can have a paralyzing effect, causing us to question our dreams and aspirations. However, it’s important to remember that we possess an inner strength that can help us overcome these negative thoughts and fears. By channeling this power, we can become a source of inspiration for others, pushing ourselves to new heights and achieving our goals with confidence and determination.  

This week’s episode features an inspiring conversation with Nikki Cuesta, the Founder and CEO of Balm Global, an organization focused on empowering and inspiring global leadership. Through her coaching programs, online communities, and international tours, Nicky is helping develop leaders worldwide who can continue empowering others and paying it forward long into the future.

Listen in as Nicky shares the voices of doubt she had to overcome, the power of cultivating conviction in your vision, how small wins can build the confidence to keep taking risks, the rewards of investing in yourself, how to balance family time with a busy schedule, and the importance of having the willingness to adapt and evolve along the way.  

“You have to invest in you. You are important. The only one we're worthy of is to ourselves first.” —Nicky Cuesta

Episode Highlights
  • 01:24 Waking Away From Self-Doubt
  • 08:13 Manifesting Dreams Through Action
  • 13:29 Non-Negotiable— Investing in Yourself
  • 20:58 Small Wins Beat Doubts
  • 26:18 Balancing Priorities
  • 33:27 Actionable Tools for Personal Growth
  • 37:22 Make It Count


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Connect with Nicky:

Nicky Cuesta is the CEO and founder of Balm Global, a leadership development company. She has over 20 years of experience in corporate training and leadership development. In 2022, Nicky left her corporate job to pursue her passion for empowering and inspiring others. Since then, Nicky has expanded her programs and now offers coaching certifications. Nicky is passionate about helping others unlock their potential and believes everyone has leadership within them. She enjoys public speaking and sharing her story of overcoming obstacles to achieve her dreams.


05:53 “They don’t see my vision. Only I could see it because God only gave it to me. So I had to make a decision.” —Nicky Cuesta

07:10 “We all have this dream that’s inside of us. It wants to be birthed. Let it out!” —Daniel Gomez

14:55 “Many people are scared to invest in their future self and that  requires that.” —Daniel Gomez

17:42 “You have to invest in you. You are important. The only one we’re worthy of is to ourselves first.” —Nicky Cuesta

28:09 “When you have things going on in your life and you’re in that drought, that’s the best time to act.” —Nicky Cuesta

29:04 “Your non-negotiable is that you have to invest in yourself. don’t think of investing into someone that hasn’t invested in themselves.” —Nicky Cuesta

37:44 “We want to make sure that every connection, every relationship, every partnership, every collaboration can move forward and continue to make it count even when we’re no longer here.” —Nicky Cuesta