Mindsets and Strategies For A Successful Business Venture with Daniel Robbins
July 12, 2021
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July 24, 2021

How to be a Leader of Leaders with Eric Konovalov


If life and business weigh you down, pivot but do not quit. You can accomplish great things, but first, you must believe it as a fact. In this episode, Daniel and Eric Konovalov, a Top Sales Professional, guide you on how to master the leader’s mindset. Figure out how to use your gift to achieve more, learn principles to help you program yourself for a successful future, and discover ways to help others do the same. Follow your heart and live your identity. You are created to do amazing things in life. Be the person that you were born to be.

“Always continue to improve on your skills and your craft no matter what…Look for an idea that's going to make you better today than it was yesterday every single day.” – Eric Konovalov

Episode Highlights
  • 04:00 Be A Better Team Player
  • 06:39 Do A Mastermind Group
  • 09:36 Business Principles You’ll Need
  • 14:42 The Leader Mindset
  • 16:56 Add Value And Help People Grow
  • 20:05 The Perfect Business Mindset
  • 27:12 Programming Our Mind With Positive Self Talk
  • 32:59 You Can Do It
  • 38:44 The One Thing That Can Shift Everything




About Eric Konovalov

Eric Konovalov immigrated to the United States when he was 9 years old. He’s always been interested in business and making money, but decided to pursue The U.S. Marine Corps, after graduating from High School. During his service with the Marines,  Eric quickly rose through the ranks, deployed on several combat tours, trained and led over 300 Marines, and was honorably discharged with many distinguished honors, medals, and awards. His innate ability to connect with people and lead, quickly led him on a path to sales and sales leadership. Though it wasn’t always easy, Eric made every experience a learning opportunity. That kind of thinking propelled him to be the #1 sales professional in multiple organizations. Eric is constantly reading and taking courses in personal development and business skills. His desire to help others succeed led him to write a book, develop a training program, and become a national speaker. Eric takes great care and is personally involved in all aspects of The Goal Guide. 

Eric Konvalov

05:18 “You’re only as good as your team. The stronger the support team that you have, the better you’re going to do.” – Eric Konovalov

06:03 “If you don’t ask for help, you’re not going to go far by yourself.” – Daniel Gomez

10:33 “Leadership isn’t only in business, it’s in your life.” – Daniel Gomez

11:08 “As leaders, we want to develop other leaders. As a leader, our job is to always get a replacement ready for us because we’re going to move up, and we want to bring people up with us.” – Eric Konovalov

11:22 “Always continue to improve on your skills and your craft no matter what… Look for an idea that’s going to make you better today than it was yesterday every single day.” – Eric Konovalov

11:52 “You have to touch people’s hearts before you ask for their hand..” – Eric Konovalov

12:44 “We’re way better than we think than we give credit for. Trust your gut, it knows best.” – Eric Konovalov

13:23 “Your past failures are not your identity. So peel off that label… You’re better, you’re stronger, you’re wiser than you think you are.” – Daniel Gomez

14:48 “As a leader, you need to understand that people are not there for you nor for the company, they’re there for them and for their families and that they have their own dreams and visions.” – Eric Konovalov

15:31 “Great people can always find employment, they’re in high demand. We have to cherish them, develop them, and show them that we believe in them.” – Eric Konovalov

23:47 “The best way you’re going to lose the weight of somebody else’s opinion is to drop it off and follow your heart.” – Daniel Gomez

24:13 “99% of the time, It’s your own thoughts about what others may or may not think that stops you.” – Eric Konovalov

31:08 “Don’t allow others to put any limitations on you.” – Eric Konovalov

36:22 “If you feel you’re not worthy and the whole world is crashing down on you, sometimes the best thing to do is look at who’s around you.” – Eric Konovalov

37:07 “Your life doesn’t have to come to an end. There’s so many options you can choose or things you can do.” – Eric Konovalov

38:54 “This time, like all times is a good one, if you know what to do with it…Moving one step forward in the right direction doesn’t have to be the whole way. One simple thing can shift everything.” – Eric Konovalov

40:27 “If you’ve sold anything once, you know how to sell.” – Eric Konovalov