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August 11, 2020
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August 25, 2020

Be Confidently Awesome!: Stay In The Pocket and Switch! with Erik Swanson

Are you feeling the JOMO? (Joy Of Missing Out) It’s time you miss those old hustles and step into your awesomeness! Daniel and five-time Best Selling Author and Award-Winning Keynote speaker, Erik Swanson, heat the stage with this fun and didactic convo! Daniel and Erik share the secrets of a great sales guy, strategies to avoid and overcome failure, and stand out as an authentic individual. Erik also talks about how to be awesome, staying in the pocket and pivoting at the same time when things get rough, and his 3 by 3 rule of giving back. If you’re still not feeling that awesomeness vibe, remind yourself: PEA every day. Intrigued? Press play!

“No drama. Serve others.” -Erik Swanson

Episode Highlights

03:17 The “Habitude” Warrior 

07:40 Do You Feel the JOMO? 

09:42 2 Reasons Why People Fail and 2 Strategies to Turn Around

14:58 Don’t Sell- Invite

19:30 Regain Your Confidence: Strategies to Awesomeness 

27:12 Prospect Yourself

31:18 PK PMA SS

34:44 NDSO & the 3 by 3 Rule

39:42 PEA Every Day!

About Erik Swanson

Erik Swanson has delivered over 6000 motivational presentations at conferences and meetings worldwide. As an award-winning International Keynote Speaker, Five-Time Best-Selling Author, & Attitude Coach, Erik Swanson is in great demand! Speaking on average to more than one million people per year, he is both versatile in his approach and effective in a wide array of training topics. Nicknamed “MR. AWESOME,” you can easily find Erik sharing stages with some of the most talented and famous speakers of the world, such as Brian Tracy, Nasa’s Performance Coach Dr. Denis Waitley, Motivational Legend Les Brown… From the book/movie ‘The Secret,’ Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, & Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier, Co-Author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Sharon Lechter, among many others! Mr. Swanson has created and developed the super popular Habitude Warrior Conferences which has a two-year waiting list and includes over 33 top professional speakers, all in a ‘ted talk’ style event which has quickly climbed as one of the top 10 events not to miss in the United States!


“It’s your habit and your attitude that’s going to decide your future, your mindset, and your healthy awesomeness.” -Erik Swanson

“If you don’t have any sales, regardless of the industry, you’re not going to survive in business.” -Daniel Gomez

“People don’t want to be sold to. People want to be invited. So stop selling. Invite.” -Erik Swanson

“They’re buying YOU before they buy any service or product. So if you’re not bringing a positive experience, more than likely they’re not going to do business.”  -Daniel Gomez

“Stay in the pocket. Remind your mindset that it’s okay, this too shall pass.” -Erik Swanson

“High five in the mirror because you never fail.” -Erik Swanson

“You get zero percent of the business that you ask for.” -Daniel Gomez

“The product will sell itself after you sell YOU.” -Erik Swanson

“Decide to be awesome for yourself.” -Erik Swanson

“No drama. Serve others.” -Erik Swanson