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August 4, 2020
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August 18, 2020

Get Rid of These 3 Distractions and Be Confidently Unique! (#3 Will Surprise You!) with Justin Rambo

You can do more and be more! Join Daniel and Justin Rambo, Founder of Versatile Success LCC, as they talk about the difference between wanting to follow your passion and actually doing it. Justin shares how he went from being a troubled boy with low self-esteem to a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and author oozing with confidence. Daniel and Justin also discuss three of the common yet powerful distracters that block prosperity and accomplishment, how to understand yourself and passion, how to solidify your foundations, and primarily, how to regain your confidence even if adversities are stacked up like Jenga. If fear, doubt, or feelings of inadequacy still stops you from doing what you love, this episode is for you! Tune and be confidently unique!

“You are unique… Your uniqueness will give you the strength to go out and do it.” -Justin Rambo

Episode Highlights

05:00 Passion Born From Unique Gifts

11:36 Eliminate These Distractions 

19:48 Regain Your Confidence: Keep Trying

26:40 Why Many Fail To Be Consistent

32:30 How To Understand Yourself

37:29 Authenticity, Family and Balance- Your Bag of Essentials

45:37 Ask Yourself “Why” 

49:40 You Are Unique!

About Justin Rambo

Justin Rambo walked a journey of extremely tough roads before he finally reached where he is now. The odds were stacked against him- in his business, relationships, and personal life. In 2014, Justin was introduced to personal development. From there, his life began to change. He was able to confront himself, find out who he really is, figure out his strengths and weaknesses, change his perspectives, mend broken relationships, find his passion and purpose in life, and start really chasing his dreams. In 2019, Justin formed a new company (Versatile Success LLC), launched a podcast (The Versatile Success Podcast), and wrote a book (Turn Down The Noise). Justin wants to share, help, and teach YOU about the power of personal development and how it WILL positively change YOUR life!


“With personal development comes a lot of self-awareness. And with self-awareness comes a lot of you understanding you and… then using that as a base, to then live the life of your dreams.” -Justin Rambo

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you really care about them.” -Daniel Gomez

“Confidence gives you the ability to be consistent.”  -Daniel Gomez

“That very thing that many of us are embarrassed about, that’s the exact uniqueness that’s gonna get us into our destiny.”  -Daniel Gomez 

“I wouldn’t have understood myself I didn’t do the thing that scared me the most.” -Justin Rambo

“Whatever issues we have as human beings, it’s just been magnified. And when you put a magnifier on anything, doesn’t mean that they’re worse or better. It just shows that the issues have always been there. We just never realized it was there.” -Daniel Gomez 

“Start with personal development because then you can build upon that because you’re building on a solid foundation instead of a faulty foundation.” -Justin Rambo

“The cause root of anger is unforgiveness.” –Daniel Gomez

“Once I understand the root causes, it was easier to help my self out of it.” -Justin Rambo

 “When you ask yourself why… you give yourself space and the time to gather those answers.”  -Justin Rambo

“You are unique… Your uniqueness will give you the strength to go out and do it.”  -Justin Rambo