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Move From Fear to Faith to Freedom with Ilona Parunakova

All of us have been rejected at some point in our lives—maybe even more than once! But when we look at it from a distance of time, we can all agree that a rejection isn’t the end. It’s just another step in our journey. 

Rejection is just the universe telling us that what we’re doing is worth doing and that there’s something worth pursuing in life that no one else has gotten around to yet. 

In this episode, we are joined by Ilona Parunakova, an International TEDx speaker, a 10x Best-Selling Author, and the CEO of IP Resilience Global. Because of her background, Ilona has faced a lot of rejections in her life- from school, from work, and even from family members! She grew up believing that she was ugly, incapable, and undeserving. But one thing changed her life forever! 

Listen in as Ilona shares why trying never hurts and why others’ opinions of us can be likened to an armpit. (Yes, you read that right.) Daniel and Ilona also discuss how just one kind word and one person can change our life, how to handle gossip with grace, how to overcome the trap of perfectionism, and the secret message behind the word “No.” 

This episode is for those who are P.H.D. only— the Poor, Hungry, and Determined to chase after their dreams and change their narrative. If you are by any means one of them, this episode is for you!

“Opinions are like armpits— Everybody's got them but most of them stink.” -Ilona Parunakova

Episode Highlights
  • 04:52 The Power of Voice
  • 07:50 When People Speak Negatively of You 
  • 12:27 The Secret Message Behind the ‘No’ 
  • 17:42 What to Do When You’re Faced with Resistance
  • 21:26 Perfection is Not the Standards
  • 25:19 You Can Be the Next Thomas Edison
  • 33:31 From Fear to Faith to Freedom






Connect with Ilona:

Ilona Parunakova is a 10x Best-Selling Author, Diversity and Inclusion Expert/Speaker. President and CEO of IP Resilience Global, Publisher of IP Resilience Global Magazine, Ilona TV Producer and host.

Ilona is a direct descendant of an Armenian Genocide survivor during WWI and survived the wartime in Republic of Georgia right after the collapse of the USSR. Over the years Ilona has succeeded in turning her disparities from war, losses, struggles to fit in, every “No” in her life, into her super powers.

Ilona rose above all odds to become a candidate for Doctorate Degree in Family Christian Counseling and her PhD in Christian Philosophy. As a Master Coach she empowers people to find their voice even in the darkest times of their life and imparts courage and self-confidence so that they, too, can experience liberty in all of its best.

She is an International TEDx speaker and is featured in Fox, NBC, CBC, Influencive, Powerhouse and Forbes Magazines.

Ilona introduces herself unapologetically as God’s Masterpiece and puts God as a CEO of her life.


06:25 “If we are intentional in listening to the positive voice in our lives, that’s when things start to make sense.” -Ilona Parunakova

07:31 “Most people gossip because they have nothing good in their life to be talking about. They don’t even know how to celebrate themselves.” -Daniel Gomez

08:19 “When you know who you are, you care less about what people think.” -Ilona Parunakova

08:25 “Opinions are like armpits— Everybody’s got them but most of them stink.” -Ilona Parunakova

09:26 “If they talk about you negatively, you’re not responsible for how they spent their time. It’s their process. All we have to do is use this moment not against them, but to reconcile.” -Ilona Parunakova

13:03 “ ‘No’ is not the destiny. ‘No’ is not a death sentence. ‘No’ just simply means next.” -Ilona Parunakova  

16:52 “Those very challenges that come to us are sent to us to build our character. They’re sent to us to make us stronger.” -Daniel Gomez

18:03 “If your dreams don’t scare you, don’t even go after them.” -Ilona Parunakova

20:17 “Character is who you are when no one else is watching you.” -Ilona Parunakova

20:31 “You owe nothing to nobody but yourself.” -Ilona Parunakova 

21:20 “You can’t have a successful career with a flawed character.” -Daniel Gomez

21:45 “Perfection is not the standard. It is just an excuse never to try harder.” -Ilona Parunakova 

23:30 “Do not waste your time comparing yourself with others. You will never shape your character based on somebody else’s personality.” -Ilona Parunakova

29:57 “Detox from People, places, and things that do not make you grow at all, and gravitate towards one person who believes in you.” -Ilona Parunakova

34:11 “You need to share your story because every story has a message that empowers somebody else.” -Ilona Parunakova

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