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Build Your Own Hero with Mallisa J. Vogel

Failure is not an identity. It is a chapter that we can flip into an unexpected plot twist. It is a natural part of life but it doesn’t define who we are as people or our potential as leaders. 

The first time we fail at something, it may feel like a big deal. But if there is one thing that life has taught us, it is that failure can actually lead to great things.

Mallisa J. Vogel aka “MJ Vogel Inspire” learned to turn her darkest moments into her strength. Life was hard for Mallisa growing up in an economically challenged household with so much violence, lacking education, and being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, a congenital condition tha affects brain structure and spinal cord. But through it all, she found her power and became a strong business leader, author, podcaster, and woman. 

In this episode, Daniel and Mallisa talk about how to build the hero within us, how to remove the limitations imposed on us, why we should appreciate the boring and mundane stuff that goes into success building, how to set up habits and systems, how we should view money, what differentiates failure from success, and what it means to choose our 158.  Tune in as Daniel and Mallisa double the inspiration in this week’s podcast! 

“Everybody that's on this journey is just as challenged as we are. And it can be one of the most empowering beautiful experiences when we share our pain and what we've been through if we intentionally create greatness with it.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

Episode Highlights
  • 03:47 When Life Punches You In The Face
  • 10:34 Breaking the Cycle of Hurt
  • 14:03 Be the Hero of Your Story
  • 21:33 Build Your Own Habits and Systems
  • 26:46 Allow Yourself to Celebrate Yourself 
  • 33:23 What are Your Money Beliefs? 
  • 37:43 Abundance Hacks
  • 40:11 Fork in the Road






Connect with Mallisa:

MJ’s life-journey trademark is persistence, resilience, and courage. From sleeping on a mice-infested kitchen floor as a child to later surviving – and thriving – through 12 excruciating brain surgeries, she has learned the true meaning of courage, facing challenges head-on, and the keys to developing a powerful mindset built around the principles of mastering the habits of success. 

She moves her clients and mastermind groups through her powerful, life-changing programs, techniques, and training. She is intense on stage and speaks with a raw, captivating, electric persona that has captivated audiences around the country.

Her keynote speeches, workshops, successful book, and countless podcasts have influenced and motivated thousands of people around the world, reminding them of their true greatness and amazing potential to fully achieve their dreams.


06:16 “We don’t know when our last day is. But what we do know is, if we make a decision with that last day and every single day to make sure that we’re living in intentionality with the mission statement. That’s how you get back on the wagon when you fall off the wagon, and life gets hard.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

16:25 “People do not become the heroes of their own story and they stay in that dark moment because they think that they are a failure, versus the situation being a failure.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

17:51 “The limitations are not going to come off until you stop believing the lies and you remove those labels on you.” -Daniel Gomez

19:00 “Treat yourself as if you’re your best friend. Sometimes when we loathe ourselves, we have to take it externally to view ourselves as a human again.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

23:06 “You don’t get what you want when your habits degenerate.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

23:33 “You need to be the hero of your own story but you need to build that hero. And that comes with small incremental changes, habits, and systems.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

27:33 “The more you celebrate yourself and appreciate the very mundane, boring crap that needs to take place to become successful and have those big wins— it helps you with being okay with where you’re at.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

30:59 “They want the crown, but they don’t want to go through the process.” -Daniel Gomez 

31:17 “You have to understand what’s right for you. You’re going to quit a lot more if you’re trying to fit yourself into somebody else’s model.” -Mallisa J. Vogel   

31:47 “The more you think it’s an overnight process, the more you’re going to hate the process, and then you’re going to fail.” -Mallisa J. Vogel 

31:57 “A lot of our darkest, deepest moments— that’s our biggest strength. The more you understand that your desire to fit in is actually challenging you to fit your dreams, that’s when you realize everything can change.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

34:08 “As ethical people, as moral people, we will not attain something that is in conflict with our character.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

35:00 “Money gives you opportunities to decide for yourself, for your health, for your impact, and for your family. As soon as you can reprogram that belief system, you’ll see the opportunities versus hating yourself for chasing something that is a necessity.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

38:05 “Sell something. That opens your mindset of how abundant an opportunity you have to earn money and makes you realize that you’re surrounded by your solution.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

38:28 “People think that they are a failure because they have failed. Once they realize though, that positive and negative momentum is the only difference between success and failure, this will put you immediately under positive momentum.” -Mallisa J. Vogel

40:35 “Everybody that’s on this journey is just as challenged as we are. And it can be one of the most empowering beautiful experiences when we share our pain and what we’ve been through if we intentionally create greatness with it.” -Mallisa J. Vogel