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3 Proven Techniques to Grow Your Self-Image with Jayson Kerr

Self-image has been defined as people’s opinion of themselves. It is connected with their position in life with respect to their personality, abilities, personal relationships, social status, and so on. 

However, it is important to understand that self-image is not a static entity. This means that it can be improved over time as we work on changing our thoughts and behaviors.

In this episode, Daniel sits with serial entrepreneur, personal development coach, and business specialist, Jayson J. Kerr. Daniel and Jayson share 3 proven steps that can help us grow our self-image. They also discuss how our self-image is formed, the difference between leadership and shepherdship, how to manifest our dreams, dressing for success, the importance of the preparation stage, and why we should remove fear from our hearts.

"You have to be careful looking rich— It is very important to dress the part but you also have to be the part. -Jayson J. Kerr

Episode Highlights
  • 03:09 Premature Cognitive Commitment
  • 08:21 How to Break Free From Preconceived Self-Image
  • 12:18 Make a Definite Decision
  • 15:29 3 Proven Techniques to Grow Your Self-Image
  • 21:03 When Does Manifestation Happen
  • 26:14 Dress the Part, Be the Part
  • 33:01 The Preparation Stage
  • 41:35 Remove the Fear


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Connect with Jayson:

Jayson J. Kerr is the CEO of Kerr International, Kerr Enterprises, JK Solar, and Kerr Kapital. He is a renowned teacher, speaker, Personal Development Coach, Business Specialist, and trainer. He also created the “Becoming More Philosophy” and the “Becoming More Community”. 

Jayson’s passion is helping others transform from poverty to wealth not only in business but in other aspects of life.


05:47 “All these conditionings become a commitment and as we get older, we’re stuck in poverty, not just in the mind, but in the environment.” -Jayson J. Kerr

13:28 “You can get all the information you want but if you don’t apply this information over time, nothing will happen.” –Jayson J. Kerr

16:23 “Your voice is the most recognized and believed voice in your mind. When your mind hears you say something about something, it automatically believes it instantaneously, more than any other voice.” -Jayson J. Kerr

18:11 “When you ask for something, it’s on its way. When you are thankful for something, you have it already.” –Jayson J. Kerr

20:09 “The more you say something, the more you believe it.” –Jayson J. Kerr

24:42 “You can’t be successful with a poor self-image. Poor self-image is going to trump that knowledge that you get and you’re going to do one thing that’s going to kill everything.” –Daniel Gomez

24:56 “You have to be careful looking rich— It is very important to dress the part but you also have to be the part. –Jayson J. Kerr

33:18 “We learn how to scale the business, but we don’t learn how to scale our life.” –Jayson J. Kerr

38:47 “You’re not stuck. You’re just in a season.” –Jayson J. Kerr

40:24 “As you’re being prepared, the texture of your spirit changes and the texture of your mind changes.” –Daniel Gomez