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How to Make a Bold Comeback with Richard Kaufman

When we’re dealing with adversity, it can feel like we have no control over our lives, and our days are one big uphill battle. But there’s another way to look at it— we have all the control we need at this moment to make a bold comeback from our adversities!

We just have to be intentional about the steps we are going to take from now on. After all, the last thing we want to do is come back and be the same person we were before.

In this episode, Daniel interviews “The Comeback Coach”, Richard Kaufman. Listen in as Richard relates how he went from being a “dope dealer” to a “hope dealer”. Daniel and Rich also talk about what keeping our F-O-C-U-S means and how it can help us make a comeback from our darkest moments, the 3 pillars of forgiveness, how to improve our self-worth, how asking for help makes our transformation faster and easier, and why success should always start at home.  

"I'm not afraid to eat at the table alone, because I know what I bring to the table." -Richard Kaufman

Episode Highlights
  • 01:44 The Comeback Coach
  • 06:58 The Three Pillars of Forgiveness
  • 10:23 Not Afraid To Be Alone
  • 17:07 Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help
  • 22:22 Now is the Time to Start Crushing It!
  • 25:34 Whatever You Do, Be the Best At It
  • 30:45 Success Starts From Home
  • 33:03 F.O.C.U.S


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Connect with Richard:

Richard Kaufman originally hails from Belleville, NJ. He proudly served in the US Army from 1986-1988. Richard had a temporary break in service, he continued to serve in the Army National Guard from 1991-2012. Richard was medically retired after 23 years of service. 

Like many other veterans, Rich is no stranger to some of the struggles experienced by veterans. He struggled with substance abuse addiction, traumatic brain injury, and PTSD. Recently, Rich celebrated 32 years of sobriety. He now helps people struggling with depression, addiction, and health & fitness-related issues.

Rich currently resides in North Arlington, NJ with his lovely wife, Michele, and their 3 kids, Sean, Liam, and Linda Lee.


04:55 “It’s okay not to be okay but you don’t have to be stuck there.” -Richard Kaufman

08:17 “Once you ask God for forgiveness, He doesn’t remember it anymore. It’s the same thing with us. Why are we carrying around the guilt that we don’t have to be carrying around anymore? It’s a sign to become free.” -Richard Kaufman

11:04 “I’m not afraid to eat at the table alone, because I know what I bring to the table.” -Richard Kaufman

16:41 “Sometimes the first time around is just the experience that you need to get that foundation to get you going in the right direction.” -Daniel Gomez

18:47 “Even though we fail at something, we have to watch people that are doing what we want to do and start following and doing what they do, and also asking them for mentorship.” -Richard Kaufman

22:49 “With everybody starting to take it easy, this is the time to start pushing forward and start getting vertical momentum.” -Richard Kaufman

31:17 “Success starts at home that emanates out, instead of emanating out into your home.” -Richard Kaufman

33:52 “FOCUS— Follow One Course Until Successful.” -Richard Kaufman

Contact Richard: