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Stop Being The Best Kept Secret— Shine Bright! with Charlene Brown

It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind, especially if we have a job that we don’t enjoy. And at some point, we are going to doubt whether we really are doing what’s right. 

Of course, doing what we used to do and doing something we truly want to do both offer rewards. But, it’s important that we choose what rewards bring happiness and fulfillment in our lives, rather than a temporary fix. 

The key is to start showing up for ourselves more instead of worrying about other people’s opinions. And it starts with believing that our passion will make an impact— to us and to the people we can help and inspire along the way.

In this episode, Daniel sits with Website Architect and The Brand Misfit, Charlene Brown. Like many entrepreneurs, Charlene’s journey started when she finally realized that she can do something bigger for herself and others. Almost a decade ago, Charlene focused on helping her fellow black women solopreneurs step up their tech game and improve their online visibility. Today, she still does while also teaching them strategies to grow their business.

Listen in as Daniel and Charlene discuss how to build an efficient work process, how to set your team up for success, why we should celebrate our wins more, what investing in ourselves better entails, and how we can keep up with the speed of our business’ growth.

"You don't understand your worth; you don't get to understand all that you've accomplished when you don't celebrate what you've done." -Charlene Brown

Episode Highlights
  • 01:53 The Brand Misfit
  • 06:56 Set Your Team Up for Success
  • 12:17 Be Proficient
  • 18:00 Don’t Undervalue Yourself
  • 22:25 Catch Up with the Speed of Your Growth
  • 28:53 Celebrate Yourself More
  • 34:28 Invest BETTER in Yourself


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Connect with Charlene:

Charlene Brown transforms draining DIY struggle sites into Digital Marketing Powerhouses for consultants, coaches, & speakers through purpose-driven website strategies and over 2 decades of know-how.


05:31 “When you tie a purpose to your website, it becomes more than a burden and a chore, it becomes something that you know you have to do.” -Charlene Brown

10:32 “Change starts with the first step.” -Daniel Gomez

10:47 “Knowledge is the information that we all have, but the biggest lie that we’ve been told is that knowledge is power. It’s not. What good is knowledge and understanding if you don’t have the wisdom— the actual application?” -Daniel Gomez

11:59 “You don’t want to be the best kept secret. When we don’t go out there, we don’t let our light shine.” -Daniel Gomez

13:32 “Be consistent, but be proficient in what you can do.” -Charlene Brown

18:05 “If you don’t put the intention out in the world, you’re never going to attract the clients to that price point.” -Daniel Gomez

20:09 “You want to make sure that while you’re doing this, you’re not giving away all of your energy and getting little back, or you’re starting to be resentful.” -Charlene Brown

26:15 “We’re not for everybody. What everybody else does also may not be for you. So stop saying yes to a lot of things.” -Daniel Gomez

27:43 “If you don’t understand your own business enough to explain it to someone else, then how can they ever do something that makes you stand out online? Online is one of the hardest places to really stand out for visibility, because everybody is almost doing the exact same thing.” -Charlene Brown

29:37 “You don’t understand your worth; you don’t get to understand all that you’ve accomplished when you don’t celebrate what you’ve done.” -Charlene Brown