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Are You Ready to Operate with Authority, Confidence, and Value? with Dr. J.L. Beasley

Fulfilling life— what a wonderful concept! Many works of art and literature depict the idea of a fulfilled life in such a way that it seems almost natural for humans to experience such a state. 

However, if someone is experiencing something that does not feel right, he should examine whether he is living up to his potential or not. Many in history have tried to achieve success only to find that their efforts lead nowhere but back to their starting point— again and again. 

Fulfilling life can be found through realistic expectations of oneself and learned lessons from God’s strength within each human being each day. That’s what Her Sisu founder, Dr. J.L. Beasley learned about living a purposeful life. Today, it is her passion to keep helping others overcome the roadblocks to their dream life and helping them live the life they’re meant to have.

In this episode, Daniel and Dr. J.L. discuss how we can move out of living a superficial life and manifest our desires from a place of power. They also talk about how a lack of accountability creates roadblocks in our journey, how our sense of self-worth affects how we show up in the world, why we were endowed with the ability to create, the 5 Whys Technique, 3 Steps we can take to live our purpose, and why we should keep going even if we don’t see results immediately. 

"God did not create us to be in a space of lack. He didn't create us to be in a space where we're not powerful beings." -Dr. J.L. Beasley

Episode Highlights
  • 02:34 What Blocks Us
  • 06:56 The 5 Why’s
  • 13:41 Start from a Place of Power
  • 21:10 The Purpose of Our Ability to Create
  • 29:41 Act in Your Purpose
  • 35:01 How to Make Affirmations Work
  • 41:33 Are You in Sisu? 
  • 44:54 Are You Ready? 


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Dr. J.L. Beasley is an author, international speaker, and empowerment coach.  Her body of work includes the A Journey of Love- A Reflective Workbook on Intimate Partner RelationshipsThe Mirror: A Confidence Guide, a complimentary guide available at with keys to success to improve your confidence; and CoParenting is Easy! As President and founder of Her Sisu, clients working with Dr. Beasley experience the ability to move past blocks, set healthy boundaries, and lead authentic and confident lives on their path to freedom and wholeness. 


08:14 “I believe in the power of writing things down because you can look back at it, assess, reflect and make another plan.” -Dr. J.L. Beasley

10:51 “As human beings, we need to go deeper because that’s where the real stuff is.” -Daniel Gomez

17:24 “You got to have faith, but you also have to put in the work.” -Dr. J.L. Beasley

20:30 “If you never put the intention out there in the world, you’re never going to attract the right customers for that product at that price point.” -Daniel Gomez

26:45 “Just because somebody can model something doesn’t mean they believe it.” -Daniel Gomez

29:09 “The results you’ve gotten to this point, you’ve created it. Your outer world is a reflection of who you are on the inside and what you believe now.” -Daniel Gomez

32:42 “When there’s nothing happening, that’s the moment that you dig deeper and continue going because someone is watching and they are benefiting from it.” -Dr. J.L. Beasley

46:58 “God did not create us to be in a space of lack. He didn’t create us to be in a space where we’re not powerful beings.” -Dr. J.L. Beasley

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