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How Real Leaders Develop Healthy Relationships with Dennis La Rue

Leaders are not born. They are made. And they are made by the relationships they build with others.

But relationships are complex and they require (A LOT) of forgiveness, understanding, and sacrifice. This is especially true when a person breaks your trust. 

In this episode, we will learn how great leaders continue to build relationships even after major heartbreaks. International Transformational Change Agent Dennis La Rue looked up to one person, who later betrayed and hurt him. But Dennis would not let that awful experience stop him. After he has healed, Dennis found purpose in leading others out of the pain and inspiring them to trust again.

Listen in as Daniel and Dennis talk about how our emotional baggage can affect our next relationships, how we can get our relationships in the right order, how to manage our expectations of others, why we should ask for help immediately, and Dennis’ advice for better relationships.

"I can't rely on the leadership above me to do all the leadership work, I got to lead myself. And I've got a responsibility to lead those that I lead." -Dennis La Rue

Episode Highlights
  • 01:44 What LDR Means
  • 07:39 When You’ve Been Hurt
  • 14:08 Why It’s Okay to Ask for Help
  • 21:00 The Doorway to Creating More Wholesome Relationships
  • 27:00 How You Leave One Place Affects How You Enter The Next One
  • 32:24 Work on Your Relationships
  • 35:34 Best Relationship Advice
  • 38:50 Go All In, Go All Out
  • 41:14 Relationship is a Currency


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Connect with Dennis:

Dennis La Rue is an International Transformational Change Agent for personal, corporate and global transformation. Dennis believes that all problems, no matter how complex they seem, can be broken down to fundamental solutions.  As an international coach, he was part of the transformational movement in Paraguay, South America.  He is an outstanding connector who holds you accountable, challenges your thinking and encourages you to reach your next level…and gets results. 

He retired from the United States Air Force in 2015 after a distinguished 23-year career. He served in various leadership roles as a Management and organizational consultant, program manager, public speaker, and corporate trainer. 

Dennis is a certified International Coach, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. He serves as a Peer Teaching Partner and a member of the JMT’s Presidential Advisory Council. He has shared the stage with John Maxwell sharing his “WRING it out!” philosophy for intentional growth and was highlighted by the John Maxwell Team faculty as a “Success Story” sharing his story to 41,000 coaches in 160 countries. Dennis applies John Maxwell’s timeless leadership principles, blends them with the wisdom gained from a lifetime of service as a husband, father, grandfather, pastor and military professional to add value to your organization. 

Dennis is also a certified Global Priority Solutions Specialist trained to facilitate Values-Based Leadership Roundtables, a transformational method of personal growth and leadership development that is impacting nations around the world. 

Dennis’s previous clients include: The President of Paraguay (South America), Ector County (TX) Appraisal District, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The University of Texas at San Antonio, University of Denver, Metropolitan Methodist Hospital Systems, The Texas Diversity Council, PDC Energy and the Texas Leadership Charter Academy and the United States Air Force. 

He is married to Jamie LaRue, has three amazing grown children and five precious grandchildren.


04:44 “You’re a dad, your dad, your husband, grandparent, those are titles. If you never see your kids, and you never see your wife and you never see your grandkids. Those are just titles. They’re not really relationships.” -Dennis La Rue

08:20 “What we focus on, expands. If we’re always focusing on the negative aspects of what’s happened to us, it’s just a matter of time before it happens to us again.” -Dennis La Rue

13:53 “The reason these things happen isn’t for you to go it alone and try to figure it out. Find those people who have been there, done that.” -Dennis La Rue

16:54 “We’re naturally bent and gifted and finding problems of what’s wrong with everything. But we need to do a better job of catching people doing something right and affirm them in it.” -Dennis La Rue

20:00 “If I come with an intentional expectancy to serve and add value to people, I know it’s going to come back to me.” -Dennis La Rue

20:37 “If you’re hurting yourself, you have to take ownership for that.” -Daniel Gomez

24:25 “People tend to rise to the level of expectancy you put on them… Some people need that because they don’t believe in themselves and they have to borrow your belief in order to get to that level.” -Dennis La Rue

29:58 “How you leave a place is how you enter the next one. So if you’ve got unresolved baggage at one place, the baggage is coming with you.” -Dennis La Rue

30:19 “I can’t rely on the leadership above me to do all the leadership work, I got to lead myself. And I’ve got a responsibility to lead those that I lead.” -Dennis La Rue

36:34 “Great coaches listen to what is said and what’s not said.” -Dennis La Rue

41:14 “Maybe you have been hurt and you’re scared to get hurt. But it’s time you stop living life by yourself and understand that relationships are a currency that will help you in your life and your business.” -Daniel Gomez